Friday, December 17, 2004

Anti-Kerry Group Should Be Held Legally Accountable for their Lies

By Jim Witkins, IFK Editor

Na-nuh-na-nuh-boo-boo is in effect what the Swift Boat Veterans for "Truth" are saying to John Kerry and his supporters when they stage their back slapping love fest in February.

(Read Full Article) For one night only, it'll be spitballs and Swift Boats together on the same stage — a who's who of Sen. John Kerry bashing.

The American Conservative Union on Thursday announced it has tapped Sen. Zell Miller (news, bio, voting record), D-Ga., to present the "Courage Under Fire" award to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth at the Conservative Political Action Conference's Feb. 18 banquet.

Should Kerry decide to run in '08 he must neutralize these Republican funded partisan enemies.

For a start Kerry's team should publicly post all the names and addresses of those connected with this group and make sure their "good deeds" do not go unpunished. Supporters could boycott their businesses at the very least. The Kerry camp could also keep tabs on the Swifties activities and get the word out about their planned events so Kerry supporters could counter their efforts.

Kerry backers should also organize their own counter protest to the sleazy spitball gathering in February. One could easily imagine handing out "Liar of the Year" trophies or something to that effect.

Unfortunately, all the logic and defensive tactics in the world won't undo the damage and distortion to Kerry's reputation. Kerry and his legal team should go after the Swift Boat LIARS with all the legal ammunition they can muster.

Kerry's political future depends on righting this wrong.

While legal action may be unprecedented, it seems like one of the few remaining options, as the press still reports their slander without batting an eye. They only grow more emboldened as time goes on.

Kerry's best option is to bring heavy hitting legal action with real consequences to these Republican shills so they can't operate unchecked. Granted, I'm no lawyer, but what these criminals did was morally repugnant, and now they're having a party to rub our noses in it.


Blogger Michael said...

Kerry is hiding something. Read on!

The Standard Form 180 could release 'the full military and medical records.' Or it could release just a few. It all depends on how it is filled out and where it was sent."

"There is nothing magic about signing a SF 180," said former Naval Judge Advocate General Mark Sullivan. "It is sort of like your checkbook. You can fill out a check for one dollar or a million. It is the same check form."

"And the Globe story says Kerry sent it to the Navy Personnel Command, which is only a limited storage location. So it is not surprising that the Globe then notes that what they received was largely 'duplication' of records previously released. The Navy Personnel Command primarily stores a subset of service records rather than a person's full military records. There is no doubt there are a lot of after-action records missing from what Kerry has released," said Sullivan.

3:49 PM  
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