Wednesday, February 23, 2005

GOP Hatchet Men Back At It: Going after AARP

The same group of political operatives who maliciously smeared John Kerry during the 2004 Presidential Election are now going after AARP because they disagree with President Bush's Social Security plan.

Ex-Marine Chris LaCivita, who wrote the incendiary Swift Boat commercials ripping Kerry's war record, is coordinating the anti-AARP media campaign.

Rick Reed, whose Virginia-based ad agency Stevens Reed Curcio & Potholm handled production on the Swifties' print and broadcast ads, will be standing over the editing console again.

Creative Response Concepts of Arlington, Va., the Swifties' public relations firm, is handling PR this time, too.

And lurking in the shadows nearby, ready to rush out any late-breaking anti-AARP books, is the hard-right print shop known as Regnery Publishing. These are the ruthless knife-twisters who published the hateful anti-Kerry screed, "Unfit for Command."

When will Americans wake up to their lies?

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Blogger Tom Petty said...

I can understand your concern but keep this in mind: At the time of the election, less than 20% of voters said they beleived what hte Swifties were saying (and its a safe bet that the vast majority of these people were ultra-conservatives who would have voted for Bush no matter what.
Yes Kerry lost, but not because of the Swifties. If they couldn't bring down Kerry they won't bring down a lobbying group as powerful as AARP. The Public woke up to them once before, and as long as these attacks do not go unresponded to, they'll wake up again.

6:59 PM  
Blogger IFK Editor said...

I disagree. The swifty attacks did cost Kerry votes and turn off potential voters to remaining open to his message. Whether it cost him the overall election is unclear.

The bottom line is that groups like this blatantly distort the truth and there are no real consequences to their actions, when they are proven false or misleading.

And Bush allows the attacks to continue, as they ultimately help his position, by distorting the facts.

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear IFK editor,

This is Tom Petty, I can't remember my old password, or the computer is not accepting it and there doesn't seem to be an outlet to get it. Please advise on what to do.
In any case I just wanted to respond by saying that I agree the Swift Boat Liars cost Kerry votes but not the election.
Your point about the lack of consequences for this group is well taken, but with Bush's approval rating at 46% (it was a shade OVER 50% at the time of the election) I think we can beat these no good neo-Nixonite bastards. the key is to respond to these attacks and not accept any phony compromises from the Repubs. (See Paul Krugman's article for a more in-depth reasoning on why compromise in this case in very inadvisable on this issue).

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One other thing, I can be reached at and Krugman's article is titled "Just Say No."

2:38 PM  

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