Thursday, July 14, 2005

Update: Voter Suppression in Ohio

Yes the media ignored the 2004 Ohio voting report. What else is new? How can that boring story compete with 24 hour hurricane coverage. I hear another is on its way. Is it a coincidence they keep hitting Red States?

Way to go, Ohio
As a new report details massive Election Day failures, the state goes on vacation and the country ignores the lesson

What part of "gross administrative failure" do Ohio legislators not understand? A 204-page report detailing November’s election debacle in the Buckeye State was released last month by the Voting Rights Institute of the Democratic National Committee. The report is scathing, citing evidence of voter suppression; negligent and incompetent election officials; mistakes with registration status, polling locations, and absentee and provisional ballots; unlawful identification requirements; long lines; and uncounted votes. And these problems disproportionately disenfranchised younger voters and minorities.

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