Saturday, May 27, 2006

Kerry Taking the Fight to the Swift Boat Liars

Like many other Kerry supporters I was shocked at how pathetic the media coverage was during the summer of 2004 as the Swift Boat liars made up charges sank Kerry's momentum heading into the fall. While some faulted Kerry for not responding (which was not true, his ship mates and surrogates where out in force answering lies with truth) the real issue is that the swifties were able to lie without consequences and the media repeated each accusation over and over verbatim, without regard to the facts.

Kerry is making sure this won’t happen again and making sure the record is set straight. His staff is compiling a case to refute each claim and one wonders if they may be thinking lawsuit in the future. If the media won’t do its job then maybe the law will.

For more read: Kerry Refuting Swift Boat Lies, Again


Blogger Michael said...

Maybe you can enlighten us and produce one Swiftie claim that has been refuted?

2:44 PM  
Blogger IFK Editor said...

An archive of Swift boat lies and debunkings can be viewed here:

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy Wade Sanders debunks the latest round of attacks against John Kerry from the Swift Boat Liars on Here’s a few quips…

Attacks on John Kerry Discredited
Wade Sanders | June 19, 2006

There are those who are already so entrenched in their hatred of Kerry, that no official Navy records, no verified eye-witness testimony, no facts will every cause them to re-evaluate their point of view. However, I am assured that there are many who, regardless of their political background, are interested the facts and see knowledge as an evolutionary process, and who take the time to research their opinions and speak from a foundation of fact. It clearly is not necessary to like John Kerry, or agree with his record as a Senator, but it seems to me that a vicious attack on any man’s integrity and honor deserves to be based on something other than lies and distortions. Well, here are some facts based on the official Navy record, Navy messages, the Navy archives, and the statements of witnesses who were really there.

As a retired Navy Captain, a Vietnam combat veteran, and a Swift Boat skipper who served in the Mekong Delta at the same time as John Kerry, I have been appalled by recently published articles which often open with a recycled whopper: a tangled conspiracy theory about Navy records related to Kerry’s Silver Star medal for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action on February 28, 1969.

The cold and undisputed truth is that Vice Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, Commander Naval Forces Vietnam, personally selected the Silver Star award for Kerry and personally pinned the Silver Star on Kerry’s chest at a ceremony at our Coastal Division 11 base in An Thoi, South Vietnam just days after the action. A decoration, like every other award for heroism, that was recommended by his Division Officer and endorsed by then Captain Roy L. Hoffmann. According to Zumwalt, he actually wanted to give Kerry an even higher award, the Navy Cross, but decided upon a Silver Star because he wished to make the award as expeditiously as possible. These points were publicly reiterated by Admiral Zumwalt in 1996, in defense of Kerry’s military record.

Undaunted by the word of one of the most revered naval commanders of any era, the Swift Boat Veterans for truth, and others without principle, continue to attack Kerry’s medal with talk of “a Silver Star with a V for valor listed [in Kerry’s records] that the Navy stated it had never awarded” and supposedly suspicious multiple copies of medal citations reissued to Kerry in the Reagan era and bearing the signature of then-Navy Secretary John Lehman who some quote as having said he “denied ever signing them.” What Lehman actually said, was that he did not remember signing them. Big difference, if one is interested in accuracy and the truth.

much more where that came from...

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