Friday, December 31, 2004

The Case for Voter Fraud in Ohio

Jesse Jackson continues to lead the efforts to further examine the vote in Ohio. In an interview with Newsweek he makes his case why he believes Kerry really won in Ohio.

Also of note: While Kerry hasn't publically challenged the vote results, behind the scenes he is still directing his legal team to follow up on all fronts. If hard evidence of voter fraud should be discovered, Kerry would likely challenge the result.

Jackson Newsweek Interview >


Blogger dksbook said...

Jan 5, 2005

Today I get a letter from Kerry's org, purporting to be from the Big Man himself, asking me to back Conyers, even tho Himself will not be "formally" engaged in the process. Well, I never...! He won't even put his little finger out, let alone his neck! 'Splain me this!

11:20 AM  
Blogger IFK Editor said...

It's simple. Debating the electoral results in Ohio is procedural only. It won't change a thing as the GOP has enough support to vote Bush in regardless

If Kerry was there the media focus would be on him not voter reform, which is what all dems agreed it should be about. Kerry's presence would play like democratic sour grapes and only give the GOP attack machine more fodder.

As Kerry stated, having the debate is important and will help the Democratic cause as Kerry has promised to introduce legislation to mandate federal election standards. He wants the focus on REAL voter reform.

Kerry asked his supporters to contact GOP Majority leaders who are responsible for allowing bills to be voted on. Without hearing from voters the bill won't be brought to the floor.

That's how the system works.

1:46 PM  
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