Friday, March 04, 2005

Health Care for Kids: Follow Up

By IFK Editor

Shortly after the election dust had settled and President Bush claimed a "mandate" to dismantle Social Security Insurance, Kerry was already hard at work fighting for what he promised in his 2004 Presidential campaign: Health Care for Kids.

So far his "Kids Come First Act" to provide Health Care for all children in the US has been silently ignored by the Republican lead congress, who would much prefer to make tax cuts for the rich permanent, while gutting social security, creating record deficits and forcing massive cuts to social programs in every state across America.

The Republican Party talks and talks about values, yet turns their back on those most in need. That includes you too Red States. Some of you are especially hard hit with the Bush Budget. Meanwhile Kerry continues to fight for middle class, working families.

As a follow up I wanted to direct people to the site where they've posted a sample of the 16,000 phone calls they've received from ordinary Americans asking that their children have access to health care.

Some of the calls are very personal and tell of the struggles these parents and grandparents face when trying to get health care for a sick child if they don't have insurance. These are hard working good people, some working two jobs.

America can do better. It must do better. Add your name to those who support the Kids Come First Act.


Blogger IFK Editor said...

In a follow up to the follow up:

Kerry Organizes Grassroots Coalition Behind KidsFirst Act,
Calls for Senate Action
Kerry to Unveil Results of "Give Voice to Our Values" Internet Campaign; Coalition Calls for Finance Committee Hearing on Kerry Children’s Health Care Plan

John Kerry will be joined by health care, children’s and labor organizations to call for Senate action on his KidsFirst Act in a Capitol Hill press conference tomorrow - Wednesday, March 9.

Senator Kerry will discuss his plan to further mobilize grassroots activism to force Congress to act now to provide health insurance for every child in America. He will also unveil the results of his citizen co-sponsor campaign and highlights from calls made by thousands of people across the country testifying to the importance of insuring every child.

Organizations participating in the press conference include Families USA, the National Association of Community Health Centers, Every Child Matters and the AFL-CIO. The plan has been endorsed by 14 leading health care, children’s and labor organizations.

WHAT: John Kerry and health care, children’s and labor groups call for Senate action on KidsFirst

WHEN: Wednesday, March 9, 2005 Noon

WHERE: Dirksen Senate Office Building Room 562

6:38 PM  
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