Thursday, April 21, 2005

Republicans Don't Care About Average Americans

While wages fall and the cost of living sky rockets (gasoline, health care, education, state and local services) what are the Republicans in Washington concerned with?

Lets review:

1. Terri Schiavo
2. Tom Delay's Ethics Scandals (plural, because there's so many)
3. Outlawing the Filibuster, a 200 year old Senate Procedure (so they can appoint extremist Republican Taliban judges)
4. Cutting Social Security Benefits for the Elderly
5. Giving Tax Cuts To Their Rich Donors

Who is responsible for these great ideas which totally disregard the average working American as we struggle to pay our bills and enjoy life as best we can?

I'll give you a hint: A Republican President, A Republican House Majority, and A Republican Senate Majority.

Now you know where to send your thank yous.

-IFK Editor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

philibuster,never used for a justice or judges in the history of America,its the same if the Republicans philibursted the door of the votibg booths,the law says judges,justices must have a up or down vote another lie
Bush is cutting social security for the elderly,another lie Bush wants a total volenteer for privitistng
the tax cuts are for the rich THIS IS THE BIGGEST LIE KERRY HAS TOLD IN HIS LIFE...10 PERCENT OF THE RICHEST PEOPLE IN AMERICA PAY 96.6% OF ALL THE TAXES PAID IN TO I R S,,SO THE REST OF THE PEOPLE IN AMERICA PAY A WOPPING 3.4% of the taxes ,now if there were a tax cut by kerry or bush who would get more back ???? yes the rich no tax cut can be for the poor if the rich only got back 4 percent of what they paid it would be more than the middle and poor class paid altogather,what a clossel lie for Kerry to get the poor to vote for him,kerry why have you critized Bush for his deep convictions,and now you put on your blog how you love Jesus,Kerry lost the election because the people didnt believe his lies then what makes you think they will believe the same lies now

1:22 AM  

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