Friday, May 20, 2005

Voters Kicking Themselves After Voting For the Devil They Knew

If the 2004 Presidential election proved anything, it's that a slight majority of American's were too scared to risk electing a new President during a time of war.

Many voters, even long time Democrats, reluctantly sided with Bush, thinking it was his job to clean up the mess he started in Iraq.

Now it's becoming increasingly clear to these voters how mistaken they were. What had been misgivings about Bush's leadership, especially when it came to domestic issues, is now full blown dissatisfaction. Americans are unhappy. Instead of focusing all his attention on Iraq and stabilizing the situation so American troops can begin to come home, Bush and the Republican Party are content to let the situation deteriorate while they push their unpopular Social Security Privitization Plan and squabble over 2 or 3 judges.

Does the President even remember there's a war going on? If he DOES, then his lack of leadership is appalling.

Americans have spoken Mr. President. Here is your agenda!

1. Finish what you started in Iraq.
2. Stop meddling with Social Security
3. Focus on the economy and gas prices
4. Stop pushing hot button issues

I guess it's clear, when America speaks Republicans could care less.


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More bad News for the President

Bush's approval rating on crucial issues hits a low

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