Friday, May 13, 2005

Open letter to Dr. James Dobson Concerning Judges

Dear Dr. Dobson,

While I respect the work your Focus on the Family organization does to help struggling families cope with their problems, offering them hope and advice to be better husbands, wives, parents, and role models in their community, I respectfully and strongly disagree with the tactics your group is using to politicize issues like gay marriage and equal right for all Americans.

Your overzealous language attacking judges for doing their job is shameful and dangerous. Without judges protecting the equality of ALL AMERICANS, groups like yours and other religious groups could suffer the same persecution the gay minority now faces. You are abusing your powerful position and actively seeking to repress a minority group here in America. To use your rhetoric or similar rhetoric used by Pat Robertson, what you are advocating is discrimination against gays, a fate similar to what religious groups suffered under the tyranny of communism.

While you may argue being gay is a choice which the bible condemns, the bible also teaches us to treat each other like we would like to be treated. Instead of promoting intolerance, why don't you promote fairness and equality? Would you like to be denied the right to worship your God?

We all have the right here in America to stand up and fight for what we believe in, which is what makes our country great and which is the standard those judges you are so fond of railing against are upholding, but we do not have the right to force our opinions which would deny others their equal rights.

It's interesting that when prominent Republicans embrace their gay children, that is upheld as a sign of moral tolerance, but when Democrats, like John Kerry advocate for civil unions and equal protections for gays, he is condemned as a bible hating 'liberal'.

If American history is any indicator, Dr Dobson, groups like yours that promote hate, generally take their place in the wastebasket of American regressive politics. Like slavery before to women's rights after, to the continued struggle for civil rights for all, history will judge you for your moral ideology and I'm afraid it will not be kind to those on the side of repression.

Jim Witkins
IFK Editor

Dr. James Dobson's statement in response to a Nebraska Court ruling their state's ban of gay marriage was unconstitutional:

"Today's ruling marks the first time a marriage-protection amendment has been overthrown by the whim of a federal judicial tyrant. In the guise of 'equal protection,' Judge Joseph Bataillon has single-handedly rejected the will of 70 percent of Nebraska's voters, who amended their state constitution in 2000 to protect the traditional definition of marriage. But to argue that supporters of same-sex marriage are disenfranchised by the amendment is ludicrous; they have every right to undertake the amendment process themselves and get a different measure passed that's the way democracy is designed to work."

"I call on the members of Congress to act without delay to send a marriage-protection amendment to the states for ratification our government 'of the people, by the people, for the people' demands nothing less. Either marriage will be enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, or we will see an untenable patchwork of marriage definitions, forever subject to the federal judiciary." Link


Blogger P-BS-Watcher said...

Is Judge Bataillon so stupid as to believe that anyone would buy his argument, or is he so stupid as to believe it himself? See Laws Are Illegal

9:11 AM  
Blogger IFK Editor said...

Yes, I see your point, becasue naturally if anyone disagrees with the position of the radical right they must be stupid, as opposed to upholding the laws of the constitution which prevent discrimination.

Thanks for clarifying. I'm too stupid to get it otherwise.

11:26 AM  
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