Monday, May 02, 2005

Kerry in WA to Protect Vote

Republicans will stop at nothing. Even though Christine Gregoire won the Washington Governorship and has been a strong leader for months now, Republicans continue to bring Lawsuits claiming it wasn't fair. If they really wanted fair elections they would vote to pass Kerry's voter reform legislation which would go a long way to making sure every vote is counted and everyone has an equal opportunity to vote. Until then it's hard to see any Republican lawsuit as anything but as an abusive power grab by sore losers. -IFK Editor

In election struggle, Kerry rides again to Gregoire's aid
U.S. Sen. John Kerry lent his star power last night to a Washington state Democratic Party fund-raiser for Gov. Christine Gregoire as she battles in court to keep her job.

The state Republican Party is challenging Democrat Gregoire's 129-vote margin of victory in November over Dino Rossi in a lawsuit that will be a heavy drain on the treasuries of both parties. Pretrial motions will be heard today in a Chelan County courtroom.

"When we called on him to help us so we could count every vote ... Senator Kerry stepped forward and gave us a contribution of $250,000," Berendt said.


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