Tuesday, May 03, 2005

George Lakoff's Institute Hosts A Dialogue on Values and Building a Movement, May 9th-20th

For those familiar with George Lakoff, the author of Don't Think of an Elephant, and the promoter of language "framing", he and his Institue have organized a discussion forum on progressive spiritual values. I encourage people to participate and spread the word. Details below. - IFK Editor

We would like to invite the entire Rockridge community to participate
in a special online event, May 9th-20th at:

On May 9th through the 20th, the Rockridge Institute, together with People for the American Way, Tikkun, Christian Alliance for Progress, Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Muslim Peace Fellowship and a coalition of religious organizations, will be hosting an online dialogue on religious values and progressive political debate. Also joining us in the conversation will be scholars and noted leaders in the religious and spiritual community. Progressives from all faiths and perspectives are
invited to participate.

We want to explore the common ground between spiritual and secular progressives—to talk about who we are and why we believe what we do. What do spiritually progressive values have to say about policy issues like the environment, healthcare and war? How do spiritual progressives frame their beliefs? What unites the progressive movement? Why has this unity been so difficult to achieve? And what action can we take to promote our shared values?


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