Sunday, September 11, 2005

Kerry on the Possibility of a 2008 Presidential Run

At least Kerry admits the obvious. Yes, he has considered the thought of running in 2008. Sure would be nice if the McCain's, Hillary's, and other also rans would answer a simple questions with that much candor.

From a recent rally for Jon Corzine for governor
"I've thought about whether or not it might be possible," he said of running for president again, "but it's way too early to be caught up in or even serious about that now."


Kerry, who has not ruled out another run for the presidency, said his visit to New Jersey had nothing to do with laying groundwork for a 2008 campaign and was instead an effort to help "strengthen the Democratic party." His schedule yesterday also included events in Morristown and Edison, and two fundraisers for New Jersey Democrats at the Jersey Shore.


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