Monday, September 05, 2005

New Orleans: Glimpse of the Future?

Yes, New Orleans is a city built below sea level, but with the threat of global warming is this a glimpse of the future or one possible future for all coastal cities in America? One expert on coastline restoration, Mike Tidwell, who appeared on Meet the Press had this to say...

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Mr. Tidwell: The big, big, big take-away message here is: New Orleans is the future of Miami, New York, San Diego, every coastal city in the world, because whether the land sinks three feet and you get a bowl in a hurricane like this, or sea level rises worldwide, same problem. We have got to address this energy problem that David mentioned. We have an irrational energy problem.

The way most Americans are going to feel this hurricane is at the gas pump and the energy. That's because this infrastructure is irrationally exposed to hurricanes. That's a problem big enough itself and shows how vulnerable we are to fossil fuels. Then you have the consequences of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases turning every city, coastal city in the world into a New Orleans. We've got to start thinking about a new energy future.


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