Saturday, December 31, 2005

Top 10 Political Predictions for 2006

Here's my off the cuff predictions for 2006. - IFK Editor

1. Bush's 2006 turn around plans won't go anywhere. His state of the union address will be another dud filled with little substance to solve real problems. Americans (especially independents) will yawn and continue to shake their heads. (Why did we ever vote for this guy?) From there his year will only get worse.

2. 2006 will be a breakout year for Democrats at the polls. Republicans will stay home in droves despite old tactics to dredge up God, Guns, Gays, Taxes, and Terror. Independent swing voters will tip the scales toward a democratic landslide. The senate will lean democrat, even if they don't take it back outright, due to moderate Republicans joining our ranks on most legislation.

3. More of the same in Iraq. Slow attrition. Dems and Repubs will spin modest withdrawal plans as a victory.

4. Ken Lay and CO. will finally go to trial and get prison terms for their ENRON misdeeds. Cheney and Bush will have more bad news to deal with.

5. Delay, Libby, and Rovegate will continue to drag on the Republican agenda as their scandals simmer in the background.

6. Oil will see its old highs, based on some chaotic events like hurricanes, war, Iran, Chavez, global growth. This will be a good thing, as it will move the country toward energy independence. FINALLY. (Dems will make energy independence a major 2006 theme)

7. At least one of the 2008 presidential contenders from either the dems or Repubs will have a major scandal or health crisis to contend with in 06. Their stock will fall. Front runners Hillary and McCain in particular should get ready for a drop in supposed support.

8. The American economy will hum along at 3.5% growth, despite Bush's best efforts to undermine it (by dismantling middle class gov. programs), a slowing housing market, rising interest rates, and high energy costs. (You can thank the marketers, for creating unending 'need' where none exists). Now if we were focusing on priorities like education, energy independence and infrastructure improvements that would be another story. That would be forward looking. But we won't do that.

9. Osama still won't be captured. Remember him, President Bush?!

10. Nov 7th 2006 can't come fast enough!!! (Then expect all hell to break loose as contenders line up to position themselves for '08)

Wishful thinking bonus. Dems will filibuster Alito's nomination. Remember 2006 is your year. Say NO to Scalito!!!


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