Saturday, March 18, 2006

McCain and Bush Sittin' in a Tree

Isn't this a cute picture?

John McCain and George Bush hugging

Since the press can't stop repeating the ridiculous story line that McCain is some straight talkin' maverick within the Republican party I've been looking for a picture such as this to remind people that McCain is a phony sellout concerned more about political positioning than solutions to America's problems.

McCain knows he needs to beef up his conservative creds to have a legitimate shot in '08 and apparently he decided the best way to do that was by embracing the worst president in US history and backing him 100% in 2004. (This sweaty man hug must have been a bitter pill for McCain since it was Bush's operatives in 2000 who took McCain out of the republican primaries using typical dirty tactics like floating a rumor suggesting he was unstable and that he had fathered an illegitimate black girl, who in real life is his adopted daughter from Bangladesh.)

Is McCain crying on George's shoulder, realizing what a sellout he has become or is he whispering sweet nothing's into George's ear, "You own me in 2008, you incompetent prick."

More perspective here:

  • John McCain is no maverick, but rather is a Bush toadie
  • McCain has been working to get closer to Bush

    Blogger Honest Abe said...

    Another Kerry fan/Loser living in the past. Maybe the 2008 Democratic presidential cantidate can learn to talk out both sides of their mouth also. If so you will be watching from the sidelines as the Republican party stands up for America instead of all the Democratic hidden agendas

    11:13 AM  
    Blogger IFK Editor said...

    I sure am a loser, for supporting a guy who has been proven right over and over.

    Maybe if I stuck my head in the sand I could think like you.

    7:58 AM  

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