Wednesday, March 08, 2006

McCain Linked to Abramoff

In the must read story of the week Vanity Fair has an exclusive interview with Jack Abramoff, Republican lobbyist extraordinaire, in which he talks openly about his resentment that so many Republican politicians are denying they ever met him or worked with him.

One large Republican fish specifically mentioned by Abramoff is 2008 Presidential favorite John McCain.

According to the article:
"Mr. Abramoff flatters himself," Mark Salter, McCain's administrative assistant, tells Margolick. "Senator McCain was unaware of his existence until he read initial press accounts of Abramoff's abuses, and had never laid eyes on him until he appeared before the committee."

Abramoff says, "As best I can remember, when I met with him, he didn't have his eyes shut. I'm surprised that Senator McCain has joined the chorus of amnesiacs."

Stay tuned. This could get interesting.


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