Friday, February 24, 2006

Kerry Fundraisers Calling for 2006 Campaign Dollars

If you're like me you hate getting phone calls asking for money, however with important 2006 elections coming up I was actually pleasantly surprised to get a call from Kerry's fundraising team asking for my contribution to be used to 'help democratic candidates all over the country'. Sure I get the occasional email blast from Kerry, which always has a contribute link, but dialing for dollars is a whole different ball game. It takes resources and dedicated volunteers and staff.

For the record I declined, as I had donated only days before via Kerry's PAC web site,, however I was glad someone was tackling that thankless task, and doing it sooner rather than later.

While Hillary gets the most attention when it come to fundraising dollar figures it remains to be seen whether her pile of cash will be used predominantly for her own re-election, or to help other democrats win in 2006, OR if her main goal is simply to get a jump start on 2008. Sure she has to be prepared to fight the inevitable Republican attacks, but all indications are that her re-election will be a cake walk.

Lets hope she follows Kerry's example and spreads the wealth. Same goes for all the other democratic contenders positioning for 2008. Put up or shut up in 2006. Your political ambitions are secondary to getting progressives elected in 2006, period.


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