Wednesday, April 05, 2006

GOP Focus Group Shows Kerry Performing Well in 2008

In a pre interview clip featuring Tom DeLay on the Chris Matthews show (which was not meant to be aired) Matthews excitedly tells DeLay about the latest focus group data Frank Luntz (GOP insider extraordinaire) has put together about the democratic candidates for 2008.

According to Matthews the results shows Kerry performing well, compared to Hillary and Edwards. No other candidates are mentioned by name in the clip, and we don’t know if the focus group was made up of republican voters or what demographic they were focusing on. If anyone has more details please contact me.

The clip also features Matthews and DeLay acting incredulous that Kerry would be performing well mixed among jabs at the expense of Edwards and Hillary.

Update: Chris Cillizza of WaPo has more details. Apparently it was a focus group of 30 likely democratic voters from both Iowa and New Hampshire. His summary is either toned down or decidely less newsworthy than the remarks by Matthews would suggest.


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