Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kerry Fundraising for Key Senate Races

Kerry puts his muscle behind the following candidates in his latest fundraising appeal to supporters. Obviously Ohio is of personal significance to Kerry, since it cost him the presidency in '04 and could tip the scale for a Democratic President in 2008 (regardless of who the candidate is). Harold Ford Jr. is a up an coming leader in the democratic party who was an early Kerry backer in '04 and who always impressed me when he was delivering the democratic message. Minnesota is another key swing state in the midwest that the GOP would love to pick up, which is why it's critical to make sure they don't. -IFK Editor

Harold Ford Jr., running for Senate in Tennessee, has never been afraid to take tough stands and hold our leaders accountable for policies he believes are failing the American people. He represents a new generation of leadership dedicated to breaking the stranglehold of Middle East oil, making health care more affordable, and building genuine national security at home and in the world.

I can tell you this: the Senate urgently needs his voice, his vision and his vote. By acting before the midnight Friday deadline, you can make it happen.

The Tennessee Senate race is so crucial that we're devoting this week to alerting our grassroots supporters around the country to Harold's campaign -- and to two other vitally important Senate races in Ohio and Minnesota.

In Ohio, Sherrod Brown is running a strong campaign against Senator Mike DeWine, who has spent his time in the Senate serving as a rubber stamp for Bush's failed policies and refusing to stand up to the culture of corruption. American families can't afford 6 more years of a Senator who supports privatizing Medicare and Social Security. Sherrod Brown will fight for health care and stand up to protect our seniors, and our children; as a Congressman, he was the chief Democratic sponsor of the bipartisan Children's Health Act of 2000, which expanded research on autism, birth defects, and other child-related diseases. A respected voice in Congress on U.S. trade policy, Sherrod led the bipartisan opposition to last summer's flawed Central American Free Trade Agreement.

Another leader we need in the Senate is Amy Klobuchar who is doing a terrific job frustrating Karl Rove's efforts to turn Minnesota red. Bush, Frist, and a whole parade of GOP leaders have been to the state trying to shore up Amy's Republican opponent who is a Bush rubber stamp, voting with the President 97% of the time. As Hennepin County prosecutor, Amy has been a strong advocate for women, doubling the number of domestic abuse cases prosecuted in the County. I need Amy with me in the Senate to fight for health care reform, energy independence, tax fairness and economic and international security.


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