Friday, June 09, 2006

Kerry Defends 9/11 Widows Against Ann Coulter Attack

John Kerry calls 'em like he sees 'em. Ann Coulter will say anyhting to sell her hate filled books, even attacking 9/11 widows. Rather than discuss Iraq or Homeland Security she would rather stir up controversy to make a buck. Join Kerry in holding these Republican Shills accountable for their words and bad policies for America.

When I heard on cable television what Ann Coulter wrote and said about the widows of 9/11, my first reaction was pretty much unprintable. I have no apologies for it. Did this woman ever for a second stop and think that these women's children might be watching TV and have to listen to her venomous words?
So much for family values.

Then I thought: grotesque as it is, this is her attempt to be provocative -- infamy's its own kind of fame -- to get her mug on TV and sell books. Coulter is counting on this "controversy" to get her ink and sell her angry harangue of a book.

Which is why we owe all the 9/11 families Ann Coulter slandered so much more than just outrage.

We owe them thanks. Lorie Van Auken, Mindy Kleinberg, Patty Casazza, Kristen Breitweiser, and Monica Gabrielle -- and others -- provided an incredible service to each of us. And we also owe it to them to put the focus where they originally put it when, in the middle of their grieving, they stood up to demand answers and action from a government that invoked their husbands' memories for political reason but then wiped them away when the real work of fighting terror and providing homeland security got to be too tough and less ideologically attractive compared to a sideshow disaster in Iraq.

These women weren't and still aren't "in politics." Many voted for George Bush in 2000, some voted for me in 2004 and I was proud to have their support. They're independent-minded, they're their own people. They take homeland security more personally than many Members of Congress -- and they take it more seriously. These are women whose sole mission is to make our country as safe as it can and should be -- so the same thing that happened to their husbands will never happen to someone else's, or to their children. Think about what they accomplished -- bottom line: We would not have had the 9/11 Commission and their recommendations to make America safer without these brave women.

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