Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Bush's Iraq Strategy Proving Kerry Right

Thomas Oliphant from the Boston Globe asks the question how long will it take Bush to finally implement the ideas Kerry and his advisors were advocating for Iraq before the 2004 Presidential election. Clearly Bush's own solutions were bankrupt from the start and going nowhere fast with more nations leaving the coalition and violence spiraling out of control. How many U.S. troops must be lost while the Bush administration incompetently dawdles and ignores reality.

Read: Kerryism's comeback on Iraq

ONE OF the major questions President Bush is facing about Iraq is how long he wants to take to get cracking on John Kerry's ideas for dealing with the mess Bush made.


Blogger Marie said...

It's just ashame. I don't blame the average conservative in this country for believing in Bush but I do blame Bush and I do still believe Kerry and all Democrats will have the last say on Iraq.

best wishes marie

3:33 PM  

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