Sunday, January 02, 2005

Global Warming Number One Science Story of the Year

Discover magazine ranks Global warming the top science story out of 100 in 2004. The evidence of human alteration to the climate is no longer disputable. Notable magazines like National Geographic and Business Week also devoted cover stories to it, while Hollywood gave us its own pseudo science version in the "The Day After Tomorrow". Even the Pentagon has named Global Warming a dangerous threat with major consequences to US economic interests around the world.

Perhaps now, as world governments race to react to the deadly tsunami in the Indian Ocean, it would be a good time for governments to take stock in their preparedness to manage and, where possible, avert future natural disasters.

Science and technology are leading the way with innovative construction techniques, alternate energy sources, and advanced warning systems, however it also takes political leadership to recognize long term threats along with government regulation and funding to enforce preventative measures.

It will also take global citizens who are informed on the latest scientific evidence and who demand accountability from their leaders. Unfortunately under the Bush administration science has repeatedly taken a back seat to ideology, and much of the US population is still skeptical about the reality of global warming or any impact on their lives.

If we have to live with a President who wants to bury his head in the sand on the issue, in 2005 lets continue to educate our population on the consequences we face, while we press congress and state governments to act.

California has passed a strict measure to reduce automobile CO2 emissions, which are a leading greenhouse gas. Other states may follow, although our nation's auto makers are likely to try to fight it.

We must continue to push business technology innovation alongside government incentives. Our leaders must also face the world, who will ratify the Kyote treaty on climate change without our involvement.

Instead of being a leader on the issue the US is sadly playing the obstructionist. We must change that.

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