Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Kerry Making News

Here is an overview of several stories I thought deserved some attention.

From our friends at http://kerryblog.blogspot.com

  • Kerry Critical of Bolton Nomination
  • Kerry Urges More Aggressive Stance Against Bush On Social Security

    Kerry Visits With Harvard Students
    Alexander I. Burns ’08, who attended the meeting, said he was impressed with Kerry’s performance.

    “I was very pleasantly surprised with his active engagement with people,” Burns said. “He seemed much more sincere and energetic in person than on television or in front of large audiences.”

    He added that he enjoyed the back-and-forth nature of the discussion, commenting that he thought a “productive dialogue” had taken place.

    Fournier also praised Kerry’s interactions with the students.

    “He seemed to really enjoy sharing thoughts with the students,” he said. “It was interesting the way he solicited advice from the students. He really wanted to hear the students’ opinions.”

    Read: Kerry Speaks At Institute of Politics Luncheon

    A Victory for Good Sense - Boston Globe
    US Senator John F. Kerry was optimistic, but cautiously so, after a round of bureaucratic maneuvering had put off -- perhaps permanently -- the deportation of Obain Attouoman, the popular Fenway High School teacher who was nearly shipped out of the country last week.

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