Friday, May 20, 2005

Setting the Record Straight on Kerry Gay Marriage Flap

In a media created story, which accused Kerry of undercutting Gay rights, once again it's the media who gets it wrong and distorts the substance of the issue.

Be Fair to Kerry from Gay City News

May 16, 2004
To the Editor:

I just read Paul Schindler’s column on John Kerry, which falsely claims that he "threw crumbs to the crowd" by bashing gay marriage in front of a crowd in Louisiana. ("John Kerry Should End Campaign," May 12-18.) In fact, Kerry didn’t mention gay marriage in his speech in Louisiana. He answered a direct question from the Boston Globe (over the phone, I assume) while he happened to be in Louisiana.

To play this up into some kind of anti-gay stump speech is a severe distortion. I understand that you disagree with the man, but I think that if you have any concern for journalistic accuracy, you’ll want to correct this huge misrepresentation of what happened.

Karen van Hoek
Ann Arbor, Michigan


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