Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Evidence Mounting to Impeach Bush

Sure the Congress is controlled by Republicans and there is little hope of impeaching President Bush at this stage, but with evidence mounting against him concerning his intent to invade Iraq and the American public growing weary of the war's endless cost in lives and tax dollars, 2006 could spell doom for the Republican Party.

Newly released memo's add further detail to the Downing Street Memo's claim that Bush intentionally trumped up charges against Iraq to push for regime change at any cost.
New Memos Detail Early Plans for Invading Iraq
By John Daniszewski LA Times Staff Writer

The best way to justify military action, it said, would be to convince the Security Council that Iraq was in breach of its post-Gulf War obligations to eliminate its store of weapons of mass destruction.

The document appeared to rule out any action in Iraq short of an invasion.

"In sum, despite the considerable difficulties, the use of overriding force in a ground campaign is the only option that we can be confident will remove Saddam and bring Iraq back into the international community," it said.


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More details on the DSM and Kerry's stements on the subject.

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