Friday, June 10, 2005

Kerry Group Is Staying Active

By Stacey Boyne
Mountain View Telegraph

A group of East Mountains residents who worked on John Kerry's presidential campaign are still actively meeting long after the end of the campaign.
At least 40 people from Bernalillo, Sandoval, Santa Fe and Torrance counties gathered recently to discuss important issues affecting residents in the East Mountains.
They refer to themselves as the East Mountain Progressives.
"We call ourselves progressive because we're not just Democrats," said Jim Buhaug, the group's facilitator. "Anyone with an open line of thinking and a willingness to listen is welcome."
The group decided to keep the energy sparked by the campaign flowing by forming a group to stay on top of local issues.
"Our goal is to help keep people in the area informed on the happenings in the Legislature, the environment and Social Security/Medicaid. The more people know, it is more likely they will be empowered to pursue their own path of action," Buhaug said.
The group is following such issues as election reform, privatization of Social Security and voter verification on paper ballots.
The group has formally created committees and is considering holding public forums in the near future. Currently, the group's main form of action is e-mailing, letter writing and phone calls to the Legislature before it finishes for the year.
It appears the group is growing quickly. There is mention of moving the meetings from homes of group members to Los Vecinos Community Center in Tijeras.
For more information on the East Mountain Progressives, contact Buhaug at 281-6310.


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