Saturday, May 28, 2005

Kerry References Teachings of Jesus, Makes Case For Democratic Values

Speaking before the National Head Start Association on Friday, John Kerry promoted his plan to insure more than 11 million American Children who are without healthcare. Kerry framed it as a choice of values, and referred to Christ's teachings about taking care of the poor and needy.

"I went back and reread the whole New Testament the other day. Nowhere in the three-year ministry of Jesus Christ did I find a suggestion at all, ever, anywhere, in any way whatsover, that you ought to take the money from the poor, the opportunities from the poor and give them to the rich people," Kerry said.

Kerry has yet to officially announce whether he's in the running for the 2008 nomination, and he didn't take questions from the media Friday.

But while speaking to the educators and child advocates gathered in a hotel ballroom, it wasn't difficult to imagine his rhetoric, unchanged, being said at a campaign rally.

"We need to enlist and join together in a great cause across the country that puts a simple choice before our fellow Americans. It's a choice that, I think, is based on values," Kerry said. LINK


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