Monday, May 23, 2005

Gridlock/Animosity a Washington Phenomenon

For anyone who calls themselves a 'moderate' or 'independent', USA Today turns in a must read article about how, at the state level, Democrats and Republicans are forced to work together and compromise on big issues. The bitter Red State vs Blue State divide seems to emanate only from Washington.

Democratic Governor, Brian Schweitzer, from Red State Montana had this classic quote to describe the situation:
"Maybe it's something in the water in Washington, or maybe it's all the expensive whiskey the lobbyists are paying for," says Brian Schweitzer, the Democratic governor of Republican-leaning Montana. "I have a 72-hour rule. If I stay in Washington for more than 72 hours, I have to bathe myself in the same stuff I use when one of my dogs gets into a fight with a skunk - stuff to get the smell out."

Read: What's a governor like you doing in a state like this?


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