Thursday, October 06, 2005

Kerry Clone, Hackett to Run for Senate in Ohio

UPDATE: Paul Hackett announces he will leave the race.

Today I am announcing that I am withdrawing from the race for United States Senate. I made this decision reluctantly, only after repeated requests by party leaders, as well as behind the scenes machinations, that were intended to hurt my campaign.

While I think Ohio lost a quality candidate, and I won't speculate on the behind the scenes politics, I reiterate that the theme of my initial post still rings true as Democrats are running dozens of Iraqi vets around the country. Read about Fighting Dems. - IFK Editor

ORIGINAL POST: Ohio Democrats are excited! Iraqi War Vet and recent candidate for congress, Paul Hackett, just announced he will run for US Senate. Progressive activists love him for his scathing anti-Bush / anti-war rhetoric, while Republican moderates respect him for his military service and strong outspoken leadership abilities. Hmm, does that combination remind you of any one? John Kerry, perhaps?

Of course timing is everything in politics and what a difference 9 months makes. Hackett's rise to political stardom coincides with the Bush administration's political meltdown, but then again if you go back to the '04 Presidential race John Kerry was talking about issue after issue that is now biting Bush and his Republican Party in the behind. From inadequate federal funding for infrastructure (levees) and Homeland protection and preparedness, to backward looking energy policy, to poor planning in post Iraq, Kerry is being proven right. Bush's policies have benefited the rich at the expense of American society as a whole. History is judging, and it is not being kind.

To the political pundits and prognosticators I hope they pay close attention to Hackett's senate race. One might go so far as to call Hackett's candidacy a litmus test for Kerry's political platform from '04 and perhaps again in '08.

I say this because, while Hackett is his own man, tall, good looking, blunt talking, and battle tested, the similarities with Kerry's resume and progressive yet fiscally conservative politics are hard to miss. He's a Kerry clone in all the best ways. If Ohioan's elect Hackett, one could argue that bodes well for Kerry's vision for America, and a rejection of Republican 'values'. - IFK Editor

Hackett aims for Senate
Democrat will challenge DeWine in 2006 election

Paul Hackett, the Iraq War veteran who was hailed by national Democrats for his narrow loss this summer in a heavily Republican House district, will challenge Sen. Mike DeWine in 2006.

"Paul Hackett is running for U.S. Senate," said spokesman David Woodruff, who served as Hackett's campaign manager in his special election campaign against Rep. Jean Schmidt.

Hackett is planning to officially announce his decision Oct. 24 in his hometown of Cincinnati, then begin a bus tour through Ohio, Woodruff said Monday.


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