Saturday, April 08, 2006

Kerry Not Giving up on America

Friends and family often look at me funny when I still talk about what John Kerry is doing this week as if he's still campaigning for 2004, but to me what he's doing now is even more important since without his principled voice raising up against the Bush administration’s corrupt incompetence, there would be few checks and balances to the Republican ship of fools currently ruining our country.

This week in particular Kerry shows he has not given up on America. He has clearly articulated what so many Americans have been begging their leaders to say: we’re running out of patience with Iraq.

Unless Iraqi politicians show some urgency and form a government we’re through with them. A majority of Americans now realize Bush’s pre-emptive war of choice was a mistake yet they want to make it right by finishing what we started, leaving a stable Iraqi government that can defend its people, however we’re not going to stay there indefinitely while they fight amongst themselves to settle old scores and rekindle old religious hatred.

Kerry’s plan is a beginning. If Iraq can form a government and demonstrate a commitment to moving forward and ending the violence, America is still committed to working with them on reconstruction and security issues beyond 2006, but without a true partner our best intentions will not succeed.

MORE: Kerry Sharply Criticizes Bush on Several Fronts (NY Times)


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