Monday, April 17, 2006

Kerry To Rally Boston Crowd in Support of Patriotic Right to Dissent

Kerry continues his harsh criticism of the Bush Administration’s Iraq policies and their attempts to stifle dissent with an event at Faneuil Hall on April 22.

Kerry is not only leading, but listening to Americans who are demanding their leaders change course on the war and a host of other issues from immigration, deficit spending, and homeland security, to energy independence and global warming. Thus far their voices have fallen on deaf ears, as the Republican controlled congress and Bush admin has ignored common sense policy in favor of political power grabs, politics of destruction and pandering to their special interest big donors.

Democrats, and Independent voters by wide margins, are fed up and ready for change. 2006 can’t come soon enough for most voters ready to throw out the current corrupt Republican led congress. Expect a well reasoned call to arms by Kerry who was out in front of these issues during his 2004 run for President, but wasn’t able to break the media’s go along to get along coverage of the Bush Administration and his war of choice and misinformation in Iraq.

From John Kerry’s email:

At 10:30 AM Saturday morning on April 22nd, I will be speaking at Faneuil Hall, and I hope you and your family can join me for a discussion of what is happening to our democracy when dissent - the right of patriotic people to speak out - is under assault.

This is a chance for me to put into context some things I have been thinking about and which have been important to me all my years in public life. There is no better group of people to share them with than loyal friends who have been there with me and my family every step of the way for decades, every time we have needed your help and support.

Massachusetts has a proud tradition of gathering at Faneuil Hall to speak out about freedom and democracy - a tradition as old as our country.

Next Saturday, April 22nd, I hope to continue that tradition with you in a very personal discussion about the meaning and responsibility of freedom and the enormous challenges our country faces as our soldiers are fighting and dying in a war that has gone off course, with dissent and debate stifled here at home.

This is a critical moment — a moment that requires each of us to speak out in order to put the country we love back on course.


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