Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Republicans on Iraq: More "Lie and die"

Kerry calls the Republicans plan for Iraq "Lie and die" and he's right. Republicans repeat the President's tough talk about staying the course, but the course is wrong. It's costing US tax payers and future generations billions of dollars, and costing US troops their lives and limbs. Bush's mistaken war of choice has also given America a black eye around the world.

Democrats want to succeed in Iraq, but the Bush policies are not making America safer. Kerry's goal to bring combat troops home or redeploy some of them to bases in the area is anything but cut and run. That's Republican BS. Kerry's plan would leave training and special ops troops in Iraq and they would have access to American air power and other recources.

Iraq will succeed or fail based on Iraqi willingness to stand up for themselves and learning to compromise with their fellow Iraqis, not on military action.

Kerry is leading on this issue. It's time Americans, democrats and republicans alike, demand more results from their leaders and stop hiding behind pathetic slogans to cover for disasterous policy.


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