Thursday, August 03, 2006

If Lieberman Loses in CT - What does it mean for the Democratic Party?

By IFK Editor

With less than a week to go before an important Democratic primary in Connecticut, a new poll shows Lamont leads Lieberman by 54 to 41 among like primary voters. What does it mean if these results stand up?

If you listen to the conservative talking heads it means that democrats are crazy anti-war peaceniks. Lieberman is a “victim” of liberal Bush haters. His only crime is supporting the president during a time of war. The Fox News’s of the world wrongly twist the truth to accuse democrats of being weak on defense and fighting terrorism, and in their world if Lieberman is thrown overboard it only underscore how weak the democratic party really is on defense.

In the REAL world nothing could be further from the truth!

First let me ask, could anyone actually be worse than Republicans at planning and executing a war in Iraq. They can't rebuild New Orleans after Katrina, yet they insist they are the party to rebuild Iraq and their only “plan” is staying the course.

The course is broken! The course is broken! The course is BROKEN!

Use your common sense. If you had a car that wasn’t running properly and you took it to a mechanic and it came back with the same problems, would you go back there? Maybe you’d give them the benefit of the doubt the first time, but how many chances would they get before you took it to another mechanic?

If Ned Lamont beats Joe Lieberman to win the Democratic nomination next week it will be because Joe kept taking his car back to the same mechanic, even though his car trouble was never solved.


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