Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kerry Shows Independent Mind, Out Front of Party on Iraq

John Kerry once again proves why independent voters should consider him as a Leader not just a "Democratic" leader. Bucking the Democratic Party, Kerry lead the charge in the Senate to bring about a true debate on Iraq. His call to redeploy American troops and force Iraqi's to stand up for themselves is a valuable idea vs. a rubber stamp congress devoid of new ideas on Iraq.

“Lie and Die” as Kerry called the President’s plan is not a strategy to win Iraq and make America safer against terrorists. After 3 years of military combat isn’t it time we recognize that the problems now facing Iraq must be solved diplomatically. Yes security is an urgent issue that will be met with Kerry’s plan, but Iraq’s have said themselves they want American troops to stand down. Iraqis need to rule their own country.

As the Democratic Party tries to come to terms with its position on Iraq, they are clear on one thing. The president lied about WMD’s and why we went there in the first place. Regardless of whether you think our troops should leave in a year or stay longer democrats want a diplomatic solution equal to that of the military one. They want what’s best for our troops and for Iraq as a country, but they are smart enough to realize tough talk and slogans are not a substitute for a successful policy.

Kerry is willing to take the heat for his party and from his party which is still coming to terms with wanting to look tough on terrorism yet angry over how Bush and republicans use the war as a wedge issue. This is why I support Kerry as an independent voter. He is out in front on the issues not towing the party line.

More background: John Kerry on the Vote on Kerry-Feingold-Boxer-Leahy Amendment


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