Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kerry Out in '08, But Wins Contest of Ideas

By now we all know John Kerry has decided not to run for President in 08.

My own feelings are mixed, which is why I couldn't bring myself to post immediately. I'm hugely disappointed Kerry won't be President, but in many ways I think he made the right decision for ‘08. It would have been incredibly hard to repeat as the Democratic nominee and in the end John may be right, he can do more NOW to end the Iraq war by focusing on his job as a Senator over the next 2 years.

Much like Al Gore, Kerry is now completely free to speak his mind about the issues without the media spinning each word as some '08 position statement. While Kerry will eventually play a big role in the Democratic Party's '08 chances with his email list and fundraising efforts, he is now free to focus on Iraq rather than fundraising for President.

AND, perhaps more important for America. While Kerry lost his bid in '04, he won the contest of ideas, and should set the stage for a Democratic victory in ‘08:

  • -American Foreign Policy is re-focusing on international treaties and cooperation.
  • -Global warming is commonly accepted as fact now, even by the Bush Administration
  • -Stem Cell research is favorably viewed by a majority of Americans
  • -National health care is being discussed and promoted by Republicans and Corporations
  • -Energy Independence is a major topic of discussion for both parties

This doesn’t even include the things Democrats were strong on to begin with: Protecting social security, education, better wages, environmental protections, etc.

Clearly John Kerry’s priorities in ’04 have become the priorities of Americans going forward. Thank you, John, for leading us into the future.

You can count on us to help you continue your efforts!

As for this blog, I’m not yet sure what will happen. I’d like to focus my attention on global warming and alternative energy solutions, so I may start something new down the road.

Thanks to all who visited and posted here.

Let’s turn our challenges into opportunities. Time to get to work! –IFK Editor

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yawwwwwn, Hillary's In

Oh, how exciting this must be for the talking heads and Republican smear machine. Their number one lightening rod just made it official.

Look, Hillary is a savvy politician, but lets face it folks she's no Bill. AND even if she was, so what!

Isn't it time to move beyond Clitonomics? Last I heard we still lived in a democracy not a Monarchy. Do we really need to alternate between a Bush or a Clinton every 4 to 8 years?

Surely there must be another qualified leader in the US?

But hey, welcome to the big top, Hillary. Won't this be fun?

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Terry McAuliffe Demonstrates He's a Clinton Brown Noser

Hey Terry, I always thought you were a weasel whenever I saw you on TV. Now you've proven it without a doubt. Thanks for the new Hillary ass kiss book. Your Monday morning quarterbacking isn't winning Dems any elections either.

Kerry was trying to run a positive, hopeful convention. He thought America wanted change and was sick of the negative, lies and deceit. Too bad he was two years ahead of his time and Americans have regretted their vote ever since. Get a life would you. - Love IFK Editor

Ex-Dem. Party boss blasts Kerry in book

Former Democratic Party boss and Clinton friend Terry McAuliffe is lambasting John Kerry's unsuccessful presidential campaign, calling his effort to unseat President Bush "one of the biggest acts of political malpractice in the history of American politics."

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Rudy Giuliani Blows his 2008 Chances

I never thought Rudy G. had a prayer of getting the Republican nomination, once his marital affairs and other shady business dealings came to light, (not to mention his unforgivable decision to build the NY Emergency Command Center next to the Twin Towers, thus rendering it useless and costing lives when the towers collapsed) but I didn't think he'd be the one to highlight his own weaknesses.

This story speaks for itself. How do you trust the guy and his team with American classified secrets if he can't even keep his own. Wow. - IFK Editor

Giuliani campaign strategy is out

The presidential campaign strategy for former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani — complete with a $100 million fundraising target for this year — is out of the bag.

The 140-page schedule for the Republican's budding presidential bid was reported in Tuesday's editions of the New York Daily News.

The paper said an anonymous source obtained the document after it was left behind on a campaign swing in 2006, but Giuliani spokeswoman Sunny Mindel claimed it was actually pilfered from luggage from a private flight.

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