Sunday, May 29, 2005

New Yorker Examines McCain's 2008 Ambitions

The latest New Yorker (May 30, 2005) has a mostly glowing article about John McCain and his 2008 Presidential ambitions. I mention it here because the article offers a glimpse into John Kerry's 2004 offer to McCain to be his running mate and the ensuing fall out of McCain's choice to not simply decline Kerry's offer, but to instead vigorously campaign for Kerry's opponent, Bush.

As a one time admirer of McCain, and supporter in 2000, I also find this story a sad tale of McCain's sacrifice of principles to further his own political ambition.

Clearly Bush and McCain had a friction filled past, yet McCain embraced Bush in 2004 calculating this would increase his chances at national prominence and at a shot in 2008. I think in the end the reverse will prove true. McCain isn't idiotically pure enough for the hard core Christian right who are the political king makers of the Republican party, and his aggressive salesmanship on behalf of Bush will cost him votes on the democratic and more moderate side.

To one group he will be Democrat Light and to another he will be a Bush backing Republican tool. I miss the old principled McCain.

Campanion Article
The Friendship of John McCain and John Kerry from 1996

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Kerry References Teachings of Jesus, Makes Case For Democratic Values

Speaking before the National Head Start Association on Friday, John Kerry promoted his plan to insure more than 11 million American Children who are without healthcare. Kerry framed it as a choice of values, and referred to Christ's teachings about taking care of the poor and needy.

"I went back and reread the whole New Testament the other day. Nowhere in the three-year ministry of Jesus Christ did I find a suggestion at all, ever, anywhere, in any way whatsover, that you ought to take the money from the poor, the opportunities from the poor and give them to the rich people," Kerry said.

Kerry has yet to officially announce whether he's in the running for the 2008 nomination, and he didn't take questions from the media Friday.

But while speaking to the educators and child advocates gathered in a hotel ballroom, it wasn't difficult to imagine his rhetoric, unchanged, being said at a campaign rally.

"We need to enlist and join together in a great cause across the country that puts a simple choice before our fellow Americans. It's a choice that, I think, is based on values," Kerry said. LINK

Friday, May 27, 2005

Bush: Making the World Safe For an Atomic Holocaust

As John Kerry pointed out during the 2004 election campaign it's hypocritical and wrong for the US to pursue bunker buster nuclear weapons while expecting the rest of the world to disarm. Bush's divisive DO AS WE SAY, NOT AS WE DO, foreign policy smacks of imperial hegemony, at a time when the rest of the world already distrusts us. Now without a treaty, Bush's policies have undermined decades of work toward disarmament, making us less safe and closer to an accidental or planned nuclear attack.

Nuke arms conference collapses without deal
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - After a month of bickering, the 188 signatories to the global pact against atomic weapons failed on Friday to agree on new steps to combat the danger of a nuclear holocaust and many blamed the United States and Iran.

The review of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was characterized by divisive debates over North Korea, Iran's nuclear enrichment ambitions, Israel's presumed atomic arsenal and U.S. plans for new and improved atomic weapons.

When the conference began on May 2, countries had hoped to agree on a plan to repair loopholes in the treaty that enable countries to acquire sensitive atomic technology and to hear from Washington and the four other NPT members with nuclear weapons that they remained committed to disarming.

Kerry Scores Big Win For Women Run Small Businesses

Kerry Wins 5-Year Battle to Force SBA to Implement Women's Contracting Program

WASHINGTON, May 26 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.), top Democrat on the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, announced today that after a five-year push the Small Business Administration has agreed to take the necessary steps to implement a program to increase federal contracting opportunities for women-owned businesses.

"This should have been done years ago," Kerry said. "But I am pleased that after five years of constant pressure, the Bush administration has finally decided to follow the law and implement the long overdue women's contracting program. I will continue to hold the Administration accountable every step of the way and ensure there are no further delays."

The SBA has announced it will begin the implementation process for the women's contracting program that was passed by Congress and signed into law five years ago. Until this reversal, the SBA had been resisting Kerry's numerous attempts to put the program into effect. Link

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Statement by John Kerry on Stem Cell Research

"President Bush’s threat to veto potentially life-saving stem cell research marks a sad break with our best values and a refusal to listen to leaders of both parties committed to finding cures for the deadliest diseases. Ideological rigidity in Washington should not be allowed to stand in the way of promising work on spinal cord injuries, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and diseases affecting millions of Americans. 100 million Americans are suffering today from illnesses that might one day be treated or cured with stem cell therapy, but only if Washington will allow doctors to pursue promising research balanced by strict ethical guidelines.

"From heart transplants to polio vaccines, throughout our history America’s progress has been defined by our sense of limitless possibility and our commitment to use the power of science to improve the lives of all our people. It’s wrong to turn away from stem cell research that offers some of the best hopes for the future.”

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Kerry Signs Military Records Release Form 180

For months leading up the 2004 election, and even now, the Swift Boat Vets and other right leaning fear mongers have been clamoring for Kerry to sign form 180, insinuating he has something to hide in his military record.

Soon their empty rhetoric and out right lies will, once and for all, be proven false. Kerry has signed form 180 which will release all his military records to the public.

Undoubtedly these Republican funded character assassins will change the subject and make up more lies to suit their purpose, but Kerry has the truth on his side.

The next time these lying SOB's start in on Kerry, they should know he's ready for them. This time the blogging world and press will be alerted to put the microscope on these unpatriotic shameful liars. We'll see how well their military past withstands close scrutiny. Their lack of honor and credibility will be widely exposed.

From the Boston Globe May 24, 2005
On Friday, May 20, Kerry obtained a copy of Form 180 and signed it. "The next step is to send it to the Navy, which will happen in the next few days. The Navy will then send out the records," e-mailed Wade. Kerry first said he would sign Form 180 when pressed by Tim Russert during a Jan. 30 appearance on Meet the Press.

The campaign waged against him by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth arouses Kerry's greatest passion. "What they said was untrue," he said. He considered, but decided against, filing suit against the group, which alleged that he did not deserve his Vietnam military honors.

Kerry insists "The truth in its entirety will come out . . . the truth will come out."

Monday, May 23, 2005

Moderates Win the Battle

Great news if you're a moderate. The senate avoids a filibuster showdown with centrist Republicans and Democrats reaching a compromise. It remains to be seen how the Dr. Dobson's of the far right will take what can only be viewed as a set back. AND, how will the extreme right reward Senator McCain and other Republicans for their efforts to compromise. Right wing groups have already threatened to undermine any Republicans (who might run for President in '08) who didn't back the nuclear option.

Senators Avert Showdown Over Filibusters
In a dramatic reach across party lines, Senate centrists agreed Monday night on a compromise that clears the way for confirmation of many of President Bush's stalled judicial nominees, leaves others in limbo and preserves venerable filibuster rules.

Gridlock/Animosity a Washington Phenomenon

For anyone who calls themselves a 'moderate' or 'independent', USA Today turns in a must read article about how, at the state level, Democrats and Republicans are forced to work together and compromise on big issues. The bitter Red State vs Blue State divide seems to emanate only from Washington.

Democratic Governor, Brian Schweitzer, from Red State Montana had this classic quote to describe the situation:
"Maybe it's something in the water in Washington, or maybe it's all the expensive whiskey the lobbyists are paying for," says Brian Schweitzer, the Democratic governor of Republican-leaning Montana. "I have a 72-hour rule. If I stay in Washington for more than 72 hours, I have to bathe myself in the same stuff I use when one of my dogs gets into a fight with a skunk - stuff to get the smell out."

Read: What's a governor like you doing in a state like this?

Friday, May 20, 2005

Setting the Record Straight on Kerry Gay Marriage Flap

In a media created story, which accused Kerry of undercutting Gay rights, once again it's the media who gets it wrong and distorts the substance of the issue.

Be Fair to Kerry from Gay City News

May 16, 2004
To the Editor:

I just read Paul Schindler’s column on John Kerry, which falsely claims that he "threw crumbs to the crowd" by bashing gay marriage in front of a crowd in Louisiana. ("John Kerry Should End Campaign," May 12-18.) In fact, Kerry didn’t mention gay marriage in his speech in Louisiana. He answered a direct question from the Boston Globe (over the phone, I assume) while he happened to be in Louisiana.

To play this up into some kind of anti-gay stump speech is a severe distortion. I understand that you disagree with the man, but I think that if you have any concern for journalistic accuracy, you’ll want to correct this huge misrepresentation of what happened.

Karen van Hoek
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Voters Kicking Themselves After Voting For the Devil They Knew

If the 2004 Presidential election proved anything, it's that a slight majority of American's were too scared to risk electing a new President during a time of war.

Many voters, even long time Democrats, reluctantly sided with Bush, thinking it was his job to clean up the mess he started in Iraq.

Now it's becoming increasingly clear to these voters how mistaken they were. What had been misgivings about Bush's leadership, especially when it came to domestic issues, is now full blown dissatisfaction. Americans are unhappy. Instead of focusing all his attention on Iraq and stabilizing the situation so American troops can begin to come home, Bush and the Republican Party are content to let the situation deteriorate while they push their unpopular Social Security Privitization Plan and squabble over 2 or 3 judges.

Does the President even remember there's a war going on? If he DOES, then his lack of leadership is appalling.

Americans have spoken Mr. President. Here is your agenda!

1. Finish what you started in Iraq.
2. Stop meddling with Social Security
3. Focus on the economy and gas prices
4. Stop pushing hot button issues

I guess it's clear, when America speaks Republicans could care less.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Republican Backed Military Base Closing Threaten National Security

So let me get this straight? When John Kerry voted to cut certain Cold War programs in the 90's after the Soviet Union was no longer a threat, the same programs that Dick Cheney also promoted to be slashed, the Republicans labeled Kerry soft on defense. They hammered that point home over and over during the Republican convention and repeated it widely in TV ads. We even heard ridiculous rhetoric from the likes of Benedict Arnold, Zell Miller, who insinuated John Kerry would fight terrorists with spitballs.

HOWEVER, today, Rumsfeld and Bush are proposing major cuts to 150 bases across the US (during a time of war, when we're authorizing $80 BILLION a year to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq) yet we're supposed to buy into the notion that the cuts are necessary to 'streamline' the military.

As an moderate I understand the logic in cutting certain military programs and using billions in tax money on more useful priorities. In fact I encourage that we reduce waste and review programs that aren't effective. That's just common sense!

What burns me to no end is when Republicans twist that common sense against Democrats and make the argument that Democrats aren't tough enough. It's a flat out deception, and it's high time Republicans stopped playing games with our National Security.

I also think it's clear we need to carefully consider the stratigic impact to some of these Republican backed closings.

Here's an excerpt of what Kerry had to say on the closings pertaining to his state:

"First and foremost, it's a mistake to close Otis Air Force Base. Otis is the number one base for homeland defense on the entire East Coast. The F-15s at Otis were the first to arrive over New York City on September 11; it's on the direct path of commercial flights from Europe; and it's ideally located to protect New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., with aircraft able to travel at supersonic speeds at a moment's notice. It simply makes no sense to close Otis in the post 9/11 world."

Filibuster Showdown Eminent

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid tried to negotiate in good faith, but nothing he offered was good enough for the "all or nothing" Bill Frist and his right wing lead coalition of extremist groups.

Will the moderate Republicans who say this isn't a good idea cave to Frist/Bush's ideology or will they grow a backbone and choose their country over their party? I don't have much faith in the "moderate" Republicans to do the right thing. May they get what they deserve.
Top Senate leaders declared an unsuccessful end Monday to their compromise talks over President Bush's stalled judicial nominees, despite fresh talk of a deal to clear five appeals court appointees while scuttling three others.

"I've tried to compromise and they want all or nothing, and I can't do that," Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada told reporters after a private meeting with Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn. Link

Monday, May 16, 2005

Culture Wars: Same Sh!t, Different Day

Jesus doesn't love Gays! That's apparently the message of both the Catholic Church hierarchy and their Evengelical brethren, who are preaching a message of hate and bigotry instead of the true biblical message of Christ's teachings: to love one another.

See story: Priest Denies Gays' Supporters Communion
A Roman Catholic priest denied communion to more than 100 people Sunday, saying they could not receive the sacrament because they wore rainbow-colored sashes to church to show support for gay Catholics.

I was raised Catholic and attended catholic grade school for 8 years. I soaked up the message that Jesus died for all of us. He was a champion of the sick, the poor, and the oppressed. He taught, "judge not or you will be judged," and "let those among you who have no sins cast the first stone." Apparently these simple parables a child can understand are lost on the sanctimonious, hypocritical 'pharisees' of our time.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Evangelicals Adopt Big Business Tactics and then go after Big Business

Business Week has a cover story about the marketing juggernaut of Evangelical religion and the success of their growing movement. What's interesting is how they've adopted big business tactics combined with the biblical teaching of tithing to amass a powerhouse of money and influence over both corporations and government. Most of this shouldn't be new, however the ambition and scale of their new mega churches and satellite branch churches is truly incredible in their reach.

To reach these untapped masses, savvy leaders are creating Sunday Schools that look like Disney World and church cafés with the appeal of Starbucks. Although most hold strict religious views, they scrap staid hymns in favor of multimedia worship and tailor a panoply of services to meet all kinds of consumer needs, from divorce counseling to help for parents of autistic kids. Like Osteen, many offer an upbeat message intertwined with a religious one. To make newcomers feel at home, some do away with standard religious symbolism -- even basics like crosses and pews -- and design churches to look more like modern entertainment halls than traditional places of worship.

So successful are some evangelicals that they're opening up branches like so many new Home Depots or Subways. This year, the 16.4 million-member Southern Baptist Convention plans to "plant" 1,800 new churches using by-the-book niche-marketing tactics. "We have cowboy churches for people working on ranches, country music churches, even several motorcycle churches aimed at bikers," says Martin King, a spokesman for the Southern Baptists' North American Mission Board.

In a companion piece BW highlights the coming culture wars aimed at American businesses like Microsoft for supporting gay rights legislation.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Open letter to Dr. James Dobson Concerning Judges

Dear Dr. Dobson,

While I respect the work your Focus on the Family organization does to help struggling families cope with their problems, offering them hope and advice to be better husbands, wives, parents, and role models in their community, I respectfully and strongly disagree with the tactics your group is using to politicize issues like gay marriage and equal right for all Americans.

Your overzealous language attacking judges for doing their job is shameful and dangerous. Without judges protecting the equality of ALL AMERICANS, groups like yours and other religious groups could suffer the same persecution the gay minority now faces. You are abusing your powerful position and actively seeking to repress a minority group here in America. To use your rhetoric or similar rhetoric used by Pat Robertson, what you are advocating is discrimination against gays, a fate similar to what religious groups suffered under the tyranny of communism.

While you may argue being gay is a choice which the bible condemns, the bible also teaches us to treat each other like we would like to be treated. Instead of promoting intolerance, why don't you promote fairness and equality? Would you like to be denied the right to worship your God?

We all have the right here in America to stand up and fight for what we believe in, which is what makes our country great and which is the standard those judges you are so fond of railing against are upholding, but we do not have the right to force our opinions which would deny others their equal rights.

It's interesting that when prominent Republicans embrace their gay children, that is upheld as a sign of moral tolerance, but when Democrats, like John Kerry advocate for civil unions and equal protections for gays, he is condemned as a bible hating 'liberal'.

If American history is any indicator, Dr Dobson, groups like yours that promote hate, generally take their place in the wastebasket of American regressive politics. Like slavery before to women's rights after, to the continued struggle for civil rights for all, history will judge you for your moral ideology and I'm afraid it will not be kind to those on the side of repression.

Jim Witkins
IFK Editor

Dr. James Dobson's statement in response to a Nebraska Court ruling their state's ban of gay marriage was unconstitutional:

"Today's ruling marks the first time a marriage-protection amendment has been overthrown by the whim of a federal judicial tyrant. In the guise of 'equal protection,' Judge Joseph Bataillon has single-handedly rejected the will of 70 percent of Nebraska's voters, who amended their state constitution in 2000 to protect the traditional definition of marriage. But to argue that supporters of same-sex marriage are disenfranchised by the amendment is ludicrous; they have every right to undertake the amendment process themselves and get a different measure passed that's the way democracy is designed to work."

"I call on the members of Congress to act without delay to send a marriage-protection amendment to the states for ratification our government 'of the people, by the people, for the people' demands nothing less. Either marriage will be enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, or we will see an untenable patchwork of marriage definitions, forever subject to the federal judiciary." Link

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bolton Nomination: Yes, BUT!

By agreeing to let John Bolton's nomination slide into the Senate to face a full vote, Republican Senator Voinovich probably just made a bad situation worse for a beleaguered nominee and for President Bush, who's plummeting ratings will surely go even lower as the debate grows even more intense. Demonstrating why Bolton was such poor choice, Voinovich laid all the blame on Bush's doorstep for selecting such a controversial and inappropriate nominee.
Voinovich called Bolton "the poster child of what someone in the diplomatic corps should not be." He said Bolton would be fired if he was in the private sector.

"That being said, Mr. Chairman, I am not so arrogant to think that I should impose my judgment and perspective of the U.S. position in the world community on the rest of my colleagues," he added.

Voinovich told reporters he would vote against Bolton in the full Senate. Will Bolton win eventual confirmation? "I have every faith in my colleagues. No one really is excited about him. We'll see what happens," he said.

He said he hoped the full Senate, where Republicans hold a 55-45 majority, would reject the nomination.

"What message are we sending to the world community?" Voinovich asked.

Read Full Article: Panel Sends Bolton Nomination to Senate

Republicans Distort the Case for Global Warming

By Jim Witkins

While running for President in 2000, George W. Bush said he believed global warming was "an issue that we need to take very seriously", yet within weeks of his inauguration he declared the science "incomplete" pulling the US out of the Kyoto protocol and embracing the Business As Usual approach to global climate disaster.

After five additional years of scientific inquiry, with nearly unanimous consent among the scientific community that human generated CO2 is rising to unprecedented levels with catastrophic consequences for our environment, have the Republicans taken notice?

Of course not!

In fact their stated goal by Republican strategist, Frank Luntz is, incredibly, to continue to propagate misleading information so that the American public won't form a conclusive opinion that global warming is indeed happening with drastic implications on their lives and future.

Under the heading "Winning the Global Warming Debate", Luntz instructed fellow Republicans, "The scientific debate is closing (against us) but not yet closed. There is still a window of opportunity to challenge the science." He continues, "Voters believe that there is no consensus about global warming in the scientific community. Should the public come to believe that the scientific issues are settled, their views about global warming will change accordingly."

Implementing this strategy comes natural to loyal Republicans who are familiar with sticking to their talking points. Earlier in 2005, Oklahoma Republican Senator James Inhofe, the chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, gave a speech entitled, "An Update on the Science of Climate Change" in which he frequently cited fictional author Michael Crichton as one of his 'authorities' on climate change. The Senator has also used highly inflammatory rhetoric to shout down real scientific evidence, calling global warming "the greatest hoax ever perpetuated on the American people."

Another trick Republicans are fond of using is quoting compelling new "sound science" that disputes climate crisis data, yet the information is from studies commissioned by the likes of ExxonMobile or General Motors. Not what most of us would call real "sound science".

After weighing the mounting evidence one thing seems crystal clear: the Republican Party has lost any credibility on the issue of climate crisis and should not be trusted to lead America toward a sound policy for dealing with it.

One of their lame excuses against taking action is that it's too expensive or cost prohibitive for American businesses to reduce CO2 emissions. On the contrary, if the government set emission standards, America's industry's would embrace them, since they would level the playing field for all American companies. This would lead to innovation and new technology, which creates jobs and opportunities for new startup companies.

Republicans also have their priorities backwards when it comes to devising energy policy. They routinely give away billion of dollars in subsidies to oil, gas and coal companies, while starving renewable technology like, wind, solar, and hydrogen. Yes, Bush and the Republican party talk about a commitment to new energy technology, yet their actions don't back up their talk. It's laughable to think how little our Republican controlled government has done to promote alternative energy while at the same time spending over $100 billion on a Star Wars Missile defense, which has yet to produce one working missile.

At 33, I'm planning to be around awhile longer (God willing), yet the prospects for a hopeful future keep getting dimmer with Republicans misleading the way. There are no shortage of solutions for reducing our CO2 emissions in conjunction with solving our present and future energy needs. The two problems are intertwined. All it really takes are leaders who are willing to lead, based on real science not "sound science".

This article was in part based on a series of articles about Global Warming Science in the New Yorker.

THE CLIMATE OF MAN—I: Disappearing islands, thawing permafrost, melting polar ice. How the earth is changing. by Elizabeth Kolbert

THE CLIMATE OF MAN—II: The curse of Akkad by Elizabeth Kolbert

Q and A with, Elizabeth Kolbert, the author of the Global Warming series in the New Yorker

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Kerry Has a Right to his Opinion on Gay Marriage in MA

Editorial by IFK Editor

Recently Kerry has come under fire from the usual suspects (Boston Papers, ultra-liberals) and now gay rights groups for not siding with the Massachusetts Dem Party with respect to adding Gay Marriage to the Party plank.

First, lets get one thing straight. Kerry has ALWAYS said he supports civil unions and CIVIL RIGHTS for EVERYONE. He's done more on the issue of Gay Rights than most Senators combined.

I'm not from MA, so I don't know what the mood is there, but from the Midwest and other parts of the country, I'm not sure adding Gay Marriage to the Party plank is all that helpful, even to the Gay Rights groups who are now angry with Kerry.

For one thing, it plays into the critique of the Democratic Party as a whole. Oh look they just added another thing to their never ending to-do list of issues, rather than the clear mission statement Democrats need. Second, and Kerry would know a little something about this, it plays right into the hands of the Republican Party so they can demonize the Dem Party across the country in more conservative areas where we're trying to build in-roads at a national level.

I think one thing Kerry is definitely right on is his expression of the idea Civil Rights are for everyone, not just select groups. I think if the Dem Party made that more apparent all groups would eventually benefit and we could move past the divisive nature associated with particular segments of America.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Are Democrats Causing Delays in Court? sets the record straight again. IFK Editor

Contrary to a pro-Bush TV ad, Republicans share the blame for "empty
courtrooms," and delays are shorter now than they were before Bush.

A multimillion-dollar ad campaign blames Democrats for the fact that
"courtrooms sit empty." In fact, there are now half as many judicial
vacancies as when Bush took office. And of the 46 federal judgeships
that remain vacant, Bush has named only 16 replacements.

The ad also says cases are being delayed in federal courts for
"thousands of Americans." Actually, official statistics show cases typically
being decided more quickly now than they were in 1999, when it was
Republicans opposing Clinton's judicial nominees.

Click the link below for the full article:

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Kerry and his Supporters Opposes 'Nuclear Option' in USA Today Ad

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

George Lakoff's Institute Hosts A Dialogue on Values and Building a Movement, May 9th-20th

For those familiar with George Lakoff, the author of Don't Think of an Elephant, and the promoter of language "framing", he and his Institue have organized a discussion forum on progressive spiritual values. I encourage people to participate and spread the word. Details below. - IFK Editor

We would like to invite the entire Rockridge community to participate
in a special online event, May 9th-20th at:

On May 9th through the 20th, the Rockridge Institute, together with People for the American Way, Tikkun, Christian Alliance for Progress, Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Muslim Peace Fellowship and a coalition of religious organizations, will be hosting an online dialogue on religious values and progressive political debate. Also joining us in the conversation will be scholars and noted leaders in the religious and spiritual community. Progressives from all faiths and perspectives are
invited to participate.

We want to explore the common ground between spiritual and secular progressives—to talk about who we are and why we believe what we do. What do spiritually progressive values have to say about policy issues like the environment, healthcare and war? How do spiritual progressives frame their beliefs? What unites the progressive movement? Why has this unity been so difficult to achieve? And what action can we take to promote our shared values?

Monday, May 02, 2005

Kerry in WA to Protect Vote

Republicans will stop at nothing. Even though Christine Gregoire won the Washington Governorship and has been a strong leader for months now, Republicans continue to bring Lawsuits claiming it wasn't fair. If they really wanted fair elections they would vote to pass Kerry's voter reform legislation which would go a long way to making sure every vote is counted and everyone has an equal opportunity to vote. Until then it's hard to see any Republican lawsuit as anything but as an abusive power grab by sore losers. -IFK Editor

In election struggle, Kerry rides again to Gregoire's aid
U.S. Sen. John Kerry lent his star power last night to a Washington state Democratic Party fund-raiser for Gov. Christine Gregoire as she battles in court to keep her job.

The state Republican Party is challenging Democrat Gregoire's 129-vote margin of victory in November over Dino Rossi in a lawsuit that will be a heavy drain on the treasuries of both parties. Pretrial motions will be heard today in a Chelan County courtroom.

"When we called on him to help us so we could count every vote ... Senator Kerry stepped forward and gave us a contribution of $250,000," Berendt said.

Kerry On Cross Country Tour Promoting Kids Health Care

While President Bush tours the country trying to promote his Insecure Social Security agenda, which Americans have reject by 2 to 1 margins, John Kerry is beginning his own cross country tour promoting health care for the 11 million children who aren't currently covered. Strangely it seems Kerry has overwhelming support for his bill from the American people. I know we're not used to a President who would act on behalf of the people, but while Kerry may not be President he is leading like it.

Follow his efforts this week, and join his growing list of 500,000 co sponsors.

Monday May 2: Seattle, WA
Tuesday May 3: St. Paul, MN
Thursday May 5: Baton Rouge, LA
Friday May 6: Miami, FL