Thursday, January 13, 2005

Reframaing the Social Security Debate

Here we go again. The Dems are being forced to respond to the GOP framing of yet another issue (see story below). Give them credit at least for responding quickly, but they need to get out in front of the social security debate now. Democrats should take back the FDR image with another TV ad using the same image, only theirs promotes democratic values and trust on Social Security from 70 years of safe guidance. You could end by mentioning the GOP's plans to privatize it showing ENRON and Ken Lay being lead off in handcuffs. Where's the security in that?

Full Story: FDR's Grandson Protests Soc. Security Ad
The grandson of Franklin Delano Roosevelt on Thursday protested use of FDR's image in a television ad touting President Bush's plan to partially privatize Social Security.

"My grandfather would surely oppose the ideas now being promoted by this administration and your organization," James Roosevelt Jr., wrote in a letter to Progress for America, a private group that supports conservative issues.

The ad, running on Fox News and CNN through January 19, shows FDR signing the legislation creating the Social Security system and refers to the courage needed both to create the system and to protect it.

To compare the courage needed to create Social Security "to the courage it will take to dismantle the most successful social program in history is simply unconscionable," Roosevelt, 70, wrote.

Bush wants to remake Social Security by letting workers divert some of their payroll taxes from the retirement system into personal investment accounts. Critics argue that such a move is too risky and would undermine the system's financial solvency.


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