Tuesday, June 21, 2005

2008 Presidential Odds Makers and Pundits Get it Wrong

With Joe Biden formulating a 2008 Presidential run, John Edwards making the rounds, and the press jumping on the Hillary bandwagon, it's not surprising that John Kerry's name is usually mentioned as an afterthought in the Democratic 2008 Presidential nomination sweepstakes, but the talking heads and odds makers don't have a good track record when it comes to picking the winners.

To hear the pundits tell it during most of the run up to the 2004 Democratic Primaries Dean had it wrapped up and John Kerry was politically dead. Seems nothing could be further from the truth.

The press will do their best to cover the horse race and make it close no matter who runs. No one will have an easy path to the nomination in 2008, but to consistently count Kerry out is setting him up for another great comeback story, which surely the press would love to cover.

Kerry didn't win the nomination in 04 with luck. He built a great loyal organization and took some risks in Iowa to come from behind and win big. He still has a dedicated following of hard core supporters and talented staffers who are eager to see him take another shot.

When the dust settles in the 2008 Democratic Primaries, you heard it here first: Don't be surprised it's a repeat for Kerry in 2008.


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