Thursday, January 19, 2006

Defending Kerry against GQ Hit Piece

By Jim Witkins

Michael Crowley's negative story about John Kerry in the latest GQ Magazine, is a sad hit piece on an American Patriot. Say what you will about Kerry's past failings or future ambitions, he fought a tough race in 2004 with integrity and courage and continues to battle for middle class Americans and democratic principles. To read that story is to re-write history and forget why Kerry won his party's nomination in the first place: he was the best candidate.

To write Kerry's obituary three years before the 2008 election also seems foolish, but then again the traditional press loves to write off Kerry's chances. Maybe they should be reminded of how wrong they were in IOWA in 2004.

Don't believe conventional wisdom. Kerry is still formidable and has many loyal supporters both in and outside Washington. Ever hear of Teddy Kennedy?

Voters always love candidate X (the un-candidate), but as soon as that candidate becomes a real person with a name it's time to declare open season. That's unfortunate. It also reduces the race to a mere popularity contest and takes out all notion of ideas and solutions for Americas real problems.


Blogger Max Chapman said...

The “right wing” is fond of saying the media was bias in Kerry’s favor. Which is completely false. The new “GQ” piece is the latest example. During the Democratic Primary campaign the mainstream media anointed Howard Dean as the Democratic nominee. It was USA Today that in November of 2003 on the front page declared “John Kerry might be the first major candidate to drop out of the race.” During the general election campaign it was the media that didn’t do any homework on the allegations from the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth”. Even a scratching of the surface reveals contradictions in their stories. It was “Newsweek” magazine that had Teresa Heinz Kerry on the cover appearing like a Portuguese beggar on the streets Lisbon. It was the “New York Times”, that ran a front page story calling John Kerry’s personal assistant a butler. It was CNN, that had a discussion about why they needed to cover John Kerry’s alleged extramarital affair. Fox News and reporter Carl Cameron got caught making up quotes and saying the quotes were from Senator Kerry. It was the media, which allowed flawed exit polls to shade their coverage. Making Kerry’s 59 million votes seem like an under performance. As a Kerry supporter, I don’t trust the media. They hate progressive politics and they only protect Democrats and Republicans that play to big corporations.

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