Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Investor Class Fed Up with Bush Too

A recent article in BusinessWeek Magazine shows one of Bush's most reliable voting blocks is bailing on him.

Some choice quotes:

Tada, who describes himself as "conservative across the board," isn't impressed by the management skills of America's first MBA President. "He certainly delegates and lets others screw up," Tada says. He calls the scandal- ridden Republican Congress "a hapless, self-serving mess."

The President, who received the votes of 61% of investors in 2004, now gets favorable job approval ratings from just 43%, according to Zogby International Inc., a nonpartisan polling firm. Investors' complaints include the Administration's handling of Hurricane Katrina and the Dubai Ports deal, the management of the Iraq war, the $8.2 trillion national debt, soaring gasoline prices, and immigration policy.

It's not all good news, though, as the public isn't overly excited about democrats either. Dems need to directly challenge this storyline that the press seems to be repeating in all their coverage of the run up to 2006. Dems need to forcefully lay out their plans and vision for America. Kerry has been doing an admirable job lately ticking off his simple 10 points for a better America.

1. Obey the law, protect civil rights.
2. Tell the truth.
3. Fire the incompetents.
4. Chase the moneylenders and changers from temple of democracy.
5. Bring our troops home!
6. Find OBL and protect ports.
7. Stop subsidizing big oil and become energy independent. Commit to alternatives.
8. Make access to healthcare affordable to all Americans.
9. Reduce deficit. Respect work over wealth.
10. Fight for American jobs.


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