Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Swift Boat Clones Back Joe Lieberman

A new group with ties to the Swift Boat Liars who smeared John Kerry's distinguished Vietnam record during the 2004 Presidential race are now backing Joe Lieberman's 2006 race for senate.

Get the full scoop and well documented paper trail at the Democratic Daily.
Group with Ties to SBVT, ‘Vets For Freedom’ Back Lieberman

Joe should denounce the group as a GOP front group. While he's at it he should drop his bid for senate.

As someone who claims to be an "independent" I suppose if he wants to stay in it and let the voters decide that's fine, but being a Bush lacky formerly of the Democratic Party doesn't make you a moderate anything in my book. It makes you part of the problem.

Time to go Joe. Stay in the race if you want, but your days are numbered either way. Americans want a new direction for this country.


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