Wednesday, October 04, 2006

10 Reasons the Democrats deserve your vote in Nov. 2006

OK, lets do a little side by side comparison of the two parties. Which one would you trust to lead you? Which one will you vote for this Novemeber?


  1. Telling the truth on Iraq - The course is broken. A new strategy is needed.

  2. Fighting a smarter war on terrorism - fully funding port security and implementing the homeland security commission recommendations.

  3. Protecting Social Security - a promise is a promise.

  4. Fighting for affordable healthcare for all - Healthcare should be a right not a privilege.

  5. Offering solutions for energy independence - incentives for new technologies and no more tax cuts for big oil.

  6. Balancing the budget - common sense budgets. Cut spending and yes raise some taxes.

  7. Protecting your drinking water, air, and environment - It's the only one we have.

  8. Cutting global warming emissions - rejoin the world's efforts to stop global warming. Lead the way with technology research.

  9. Ending Special Interest Hold over Washington - give power back to the voters.

  10. Working for the Middle Class and those who aspire to join it - give everyone a chance with affordable education, decent wages and a safety net.


  1. Lies, Lies, Lies about Iraq. No Weapons of Mass Destruction. No ties to Osama bin Laden. No real plan to win the peace.

  2. War in Iraq creating more insurgent terrorists rather than defeating them.

  3. Tried to Dismantle Social Security, the most popular government program in American history.

  4. OK with 40 million uninsured Americans and a drug bill that benefits the drug companies.

  5. Leave no Oil company behind policy instead of planning how Americans will have secure affordable energy in the future.

  6. Spending, spending, spending - your children are inheriting a crushing debt.

  7. Destroying our natural resources and poisoning our water, air and neighborhoods.
  8. What global warming? Can you say Katrina?

  9. Pandering to lobbyists, right wing extremists and illegal fundraisers.

  10. Working to hold power even if means coving up a sexual scandal involving minors.


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