Tuesday, October 31, 2006

White House Attacks Kerry's Iraq Comment in Shameless Diversion Tactic

I guess since the Republican Party has no plans to bring home the troops from Iraq, or a coherent policy for winning the peace there, they'll attack John Kerry instead.

It's really shameful. This is just another stunt by the White House to paint Kerry as some sort of critic of the troops and by extension the Democratic Party. Give me a BREAK!!!

Kerry's fighting to protect these men and women who risk their lives, while Bush is using them as political pawns.

Who's the real patriot? Here’s a hint. It ain't the President.

-IFK Editor


Anonymous Independent Bob said...

Independent Bob:
My brother is serving this country in the Army and has a B.A.; I find your insult to him and his comrades to be contemptible. The question is, do you think before you speak?

You are the one that appears and speaks like an uneducated dolt.

Please do the democrats a favor and resign; you certainly are not helping them. I was voting as an independent (per this war is not being fought correctly) but you have swayed me to vote against your party since it can not be in positions of power with dialogue like this.
You are truly reprehensible.

Independent Bob

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*This is just another stunt by the White House to paint Kerry as some sort of critic of the troops and by extension the Democratic Party.*

Just like that stunt the Republicans pulled when they tricked Kerry into comparing American milfors to Genghis Khan? Or when the Republicans tricked John Kerry into describing American milfor action in Iraq as "terrorizing".

Boy, John sure is tricked easily. I guess it's a good thing he'll never be POTUS.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clearly Kerry just stumbled over the delivery of his Joke...if you read the text of the prepared comments the joke was about Bush and unrelated to the troops. He made an error...Jee it's not like Bush never mangles his lines, like daily.

Those who want to demonize Kerry will react as these two did, but anyone with a fair minded look at the facts will understand he slipped up.

In reality Kerry has done more to make sure the troops have body armor and VA benefits once they return from service than most politicians. Compare that to a President who takes his political shots at Kerry but slashes the funds for vets and forces them to fight an ill defined war.

I somehow doubt Independent Bob was really an independent. Kerry isn't even running for anything currently, yet his remarks have cost him a vote. Hard to believe.

It's typical of the GOP. Attack a person rather than debate the policy.

Republicans can't talk about their Iraq policy becasue it's an astonishing failure so they bash Kerry. Bush's Iraq failures are not Kerry's fault.

Let's be real. The Republicans may be great at spinning the media, but they can't lead a country to save their lives.

Most Americans can see through this as political desperation by a Republican party who will be losing control of one or more houses soon.

7:00 PM  
Blogger BobsAdvice said...

John Kerry flubbed a line. If you watch the video you can see him looking down at his speech and then dropping key words.

This President has flubbed the War, flubbed Katrina, flubbed Social Security, flubbed Medicare Part D, flubbed the Geneva Conventions, FISA Courts, Abramoff, and the list goes on.

No, Senator Kerry is right! Republicans would like to make Kerry the issue. But he isn't even running this year!

Kerry on!


3:42 AM  
Blogger Randy said...

What Kerry did after his botched joke says more about the man than anything else. I love our troops, and our country. If I put myself in his shoes and unintentionally offended our military I would immediately jump back on the stump and directly address the military and their families with a heart felt apology, then explain what he really meant. He could have turned this whole thing around and immediately quieted the GOP. Kerry didn't do that---why?---because he doesn't have it in him. He does however, have quite a history of bashing our troops in the past---and that's who he really is.

5:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I is a disabled vet from the Desert Storm era. Golly gee whiz, he is right. Had I done got myself through college, let alone my high school educationum, I could've been more like Mister Kerry. I's culdv been more presidenshul like and been smart enough to not go into the military.
Actually, quite honestly, I am damn proud to have served my country in anyway possible. Without men and women standing up for us and others we never would've been able to listen supposed jokes gone so horribly wrong. Senator, if ever you stood a chance of my vote in a Presidential race, you can count on me. You can count on me checking the "anyone but Kerry" box. Whether you meant to direct it at the military is almost a mute point. I listened to the audio and it sounded like it was directed at myself. Therefore you should apologize for, at the very least, the "misunderstanding" of a joke gone wrong. You are a veteran and evidently not very proud of it unless it gets you the brass ring. Well, you were within the grasps of it. Now you can only look at it as the carousel turns the corner and stops!

5:40 AM  
Blogger Vigilante said...

Anonymous, answer a question for me, will you?

After Winning Bush's un-provoked, unnecessary, largely unilateral war against Saddam, are or are not our valiant troops stuck in an unplanned and under-provisioned occupation in Iraquagmire for years to come?

Answer straight up, yes or no.

6:18 AM  
Blogger conservative said...

John F. Kerry has made remarks in the past that he wanted to retract.
During his campaign he blamed his
speech writer. Now he blames George
Bush for his careless remark. He also says that he remark was intended to be a joke.

Where was the punch line? When will
he stop being so careless? Why does a U.S. senator have to be in
the national spotlight? Why does he
spend so much time in front of CNN news cameras?

Why does'nt John Kerry go to Washington and do his job instead of trying to be the center of national attention?

6:32 AM  
Blogger conservative said...

John Kerry spends a lot of time in
front of CNN cameras. C'mon he is
bound to say something wrong once in a while. Maybe his speechwriter
put that in there, maybe if it was
not for George Bush he would have
never even said that. At least John
Kerry's wife is not making thoughtless remarks to the press anymore. Give him a break..

6:35 AM  
Blogger conservative said...

John Kerry can say anything he wants to, and that is why he said
that service people are not that smart. Because he wanted to. Because he can. Because he has no plan for success in the war on terrorism. Leave the wars to the people who actually served 4 years in the service of our country like George Bush did. Not a guy who served 4 months in a war zone and got out because his dad was a high
ranking official in the pentagon during his service. Makes me wonder how he actually got all his purple hearts so quickly. He never spent one night in a hospital. Check it out.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the joke to the college students was meant to be something like this: if you always study and work hard and know your stuff you will succeed, if you don't you get us stuck in Iraq.
The you in the last line refers to Bush and his administration, who should have done their homework.

Where are those WMDs? No, not under here. (A Bush joke that he did not apologize for)

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Independent Bob said...

Liberals - the party of tolerance and understanding.
I'm a former democrat, but the liberals have wrecked the party and I had to leave. The only ones left are the radicals or the ignorant. These people are so blind to their actions – which they have to convince themselves that Kerry did not mean/say what he said. They do this by personally criticizing those who challenge Kerry.
What happened to tolerance of dissenting opinions?
Liberalism is a mental disease, their actions are truly illogical.
Every president has their wars, heck we are still peace keeping in Bosnia – when are we getting out of there? As soon as we/UN leave, it too will collapse in civil war - per my friends who have served there.
Just because they are shooting at us in Iraq still should highlight we need to be there to take on theses terrorists – we pull out and they put down their weapons and take up golf? What?

The democrats are truly the party of hate speech and thought, with Kerry as their spokesperson of choice.
I challenge them (if they are so smart and better then the rest of us) to keep their dialogue positive from this moment out. They are more intelligent, they should be able to figure out how to do it…

We need Jesse Ventura as POTUS …

9:28 AM  
Blogger IFK Editor said...

Lets get some perspective here people...

Kerry botched a Joke...no it wasnt funny. He's apologized. I find it hard to believe that all you tough rough and tumble vets are so soft skinned that this hurts you in any meaningful way...Kerry's a vet himself...did he mean to call himself stupid?...I mean come on people. This is pure politics plain and simple. You know that, which is why you're here causing a ruckus.

Bush doesn't give a damn about the troops or he'd be working harder to come up with a workable solution for winning the peace in Iraq and bringig our guys home.

And spare me the lectures on liberal politics...liberal this and liberal that. It's old. Take your anger and nonesense elsewhere please.

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder why Kerry never released his military records---can you say dishonourable discharge? This could explain why he began bashing the military as soon as he left. He's accused the military of murder, rape, burning villages. In Iraq he's accused the military of breaking into homes in the middle of the night and terrorizing women and children. He couldn't understand why roadside bombs were a problem and accused the military of not knowing how to drive. He voted over 20 times against funding the military. I think this guy holds a deep, deep resentment toward the bravest Americans of all---our troops. His joke, even if said as scripted doesn't make sense. Bush's GPA at Yale was higher than Kerry's!

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Laura said...

John Kerry's thoughtless and crude remarks about how students should receive a college education or end up in Iraq only serves to frame how hateful and biased Mr. Kerry is toward the men and women in the service of our country: that they are worthless.

This is an insult to ALL military and a slap in the face of the families who have lost loved ones in this and previous wars.

Mr. Kerry needs to THINK before he speaks -- and please, do not insult the American public's collective intelligence. A college education is not indicative of intelligence, as Mr. Kerry's comments have proven.

The "bombed joke" was quite obviously NOT aimed at President Bush.

That's just a "bombed excuse" after Mr. Kerry FINALLY was forced to realize, UNDER PRESSURE FROM HIS OWN PARTY, how badly he messed up, doing so at the expense of our men and women so bravely serving our country in Iraq and elsewhere in the world.

The war, whether you back it or hate it, and the soldiers, specifically, should NOT be used as the basis of an insensitive, tasteless and tacky remark heaped on the shoulders of those who truly are defending our country.

Mr. Kerry's excuses for his bad taste are, plain and simply, "cop-outs," as is claming that he stumbled over the line in his speech.

This war has been going on for years, and Mr. Kerry has had the same number of years to read and memorize his speeches.

If Mr. Kerry cannot memorize, then he needs his speeches printed in 72 point Arial Bold, use a teleprompter or hire a cue card holder.

I do not, however, believe that he botched or stumbled over his speech. After watching the speech several times, it is clear Mr. Kerry said exactly what he meant to say, implying that without an education, the best a person can hope for is to become a dumb soldier in Iraq.

Mr. Kerry, perhaps, needs to go back to college and study world history in general and military history, specifically. He also needs to review his own quite lackluster four month service record. He needs to brush up on reading, if, indeed, that was the problem with his speech (which I seriously doubt).

Mr. Kerry is treating the military with the same hateful, cavalier attitude with which Vietnam veterans were treated upon their return from that war.

Their treatment then was shameful, irreverent, totally unacceptable and completely dishonorable.

Mr. Kerry seems to have forgotten the blatant MURDERS perpetrated against the American public in Washington D.C., New York City and a field in Pennsylvania: the events of September 11, 2001.

I have not forgotten, nor will I ever.

Perhaps Mr. Kerry should read and learn the meaning of this quotation from philosopher George Santayanna:

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Considering his sudden backpedaling on his comments, many of his party's outspoken rebuttal of his comments, Mr. Kerry's cancellation of his upcoming speeches, etc., it's quite clear that he understands he did something wrong, but I doubt if he truly understands -- or cares -- that what he said was totally and completely unacceptable, and why.

~~ From the proud daughter of an honorably discharged Army Air Force veteran of WWII and a Western Union telegrapher who worked for the war effort during WWI; who has earned many college degrees herself; who wanted to, but was unable to serve in the military (for health reasons); who ACTIVELY supports our troops, past and present; and who will NEVER forget the price they have all paid for our freedom.

5:08 PM  
Anonymous I.B. said...

Laura - right on!

The ifk editor is right I should have his perspective only, all others are wrong and we should discontinue posting here with contrary opinions.
Yes stifle speech, you arrogant elitist. If the democrats do return to power we will be like the liberal nation of France-istan. Can't wait for my car insurance to go up even more...


The 2005 Ramadan Riots, which saw some 10,000 cars torched and 300 buildings firebombed, have been followed by a yearlong, lower-grade rolling riot - what some in the French police are calling a "permanent intifada." Nationwide, this works out to 15 attacks a day on police and firefighters, and 100 cars set ablaze nightly. And for the first time, the police are being subject to well-planned ambushes.

"So when the Oct. 27 anniversary of last year's violence was met with "only" 277 torched cars, the Interior Ministry declared it "relatively calm."

5:34 PM  
Blogger IFK Editor said...

Do you people get this worked up when another American Soldier gives his life for a meaningless war in IRAQ?

Can any of you explain to me why we're there. I'm not being insulting I'm asking you why we are in Iraq?

First it was for WMD's. They don't exist.

Then it was because Saddam was working with Osama. He wasn't.

Then it was for freedom. How's that going?

Then it was democracy in the Middle East? um...

So why are we there?

Our own intelligent agencies say we're creating more terrorists not stopping them.

I guess when you don't have a plan for brining the troops home and succeeding in Iraq you just attack Kerry and demonize him as a "Liberal".

If it makes you feel good to attack Kerry go right ahead? He's a big boy and can take.

I can take it too. Bash me all you want, but I wonder if the troops are really benefiting from all your rage and anger and indignation. Maybe they'd rather just finish their job and start coming home to their families and lives.

I'll be voting for Democrats this election.

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Vigilante:

In answer to your question; who said (with proof) that the war in Iraq was unprovoked? If memory serves me correctly, didn't Senator Kerry along with many other Democrats vote for this initiative in Iraq? That is, before they voted against it? We, the American people didn't see the intelligence which led them to believe it was necessary to topple Saddam. Was it unecessary? I would have to say no. There were terrorist training grounds in the country. They were training to attack us. Saddam and his regime continuously tortured and killed their own countrymen without reason. Should we take on the role of protecting helpless civilians? Yes, we should! They are not from the USA, but they have the right to be free as well! Are the troops under-provisioned? I believe so. You can't balance war like a checkbook. It costs to engage in the war against terror and socialistic regimes. Congress shold've thought it through just a little better in the budgeting arena. Lastly are the brave men and women "stuck" there for years to come? I would say no. Once the foundation is set and training and support in the growth of their political base is done then we will leave. Will we maintain a presence there? Yes, we will always have a stake in the continuation of their freedom. Freedom takes time. How long did it take to get our own constitution up and running? When combining our Constitution with all of the Federalists papers written, we did a damn good job of gaining a base to grow our country on in a relatively short amount of time. Iraq, too, will have the following and support from the citizens soon enough. They will grow and flourish as we have done. One day they too, will be able to insult their country as many of you have done to our own without risk of prosecution or even death. Let's contiunue to help the Iraqis. They deserve the right to freedoms such as our own or such as they choose as a sovereign nation. Let's help them continue the fight for their right to suffrage!

6:35 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

"Can any of you explain to me why we're there. I'm not being insulting I'm asking you why we are in Iraq?"

Simple, for people who can think! There is a worldwide jihad against the west. They (muslims) have killed almost 3,000 Americans over the past 30 years to acts of terrorism. When I grew up in the 50's America would have gone to war if 1 American was killed but thanks to the liberal minds we have turned into a nation who would rather negotiate and treat terrorism as a crime. We are in Iraq because we know that our troops are positioned and ready to cut off the head of the snake in Iran. It's going to happen and we won't have to wait months to deploy them.

On a different note, let's talk about kerry's less than honorable discharge?

10:14 AM  

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